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Questions without numbers are carried over from the Episode list.



How old is Aaron here (Eggtown)?
Why did Richard Malkin say that Claire must raise Aaron herself?
653. Why did Claire pick the name Aaron? (From Lostpedia)
654. Why does Jack not want to see Aaron in Eggtown? (From Lostpedia)
655. Why did Claire abandon Aaron? (From Lostpedia)
656. When Kate claims to be Aaron's mother, who does she say is the father? (From Lostpedia)


Why does Alex try and help Sawyer and Kate escape the Others?
Does Alex know she is not Ben's natural daughter?
657. If she was taken shortly after birth, how is it that the Others even know her real name considering Danielle never even saw them?
658. How long did the Others have her before Ben adopted her? (From Lostpedia)
659. If she was raised by the Others since birth, why does she rebel against their ideals? (From Lostpedia)
660. Did Widmore tell Keamy to kill Alex, as questioned by Ben? (From Lostpedia)



Anthony Cooper

How did Anthony Cooper get on the Island? Is Cooper's story true - that he was rear-ended, ended up in an ambulance, and then appeared on the Island?
661. What happened between his auto accident and his arrival on the Island? (From Lostpedia)
662. Is he connected to anybody else on the island? (From Lostpedia)
663. Is Anthony Cooper his actual name? (From Lostpedia)
664. What did the Others do with his body after Locke brought it back? (From Lostpedia)
665. How did he arrive on the island in the first place? (From Lostpedia)



Ben Linus

Did Ben fall into Rousseau's trap intentionally or by accident? If it was intentional, how did he know that Rousseau would turn him over to the Losties? And for what purpose or purposes did he want to become their prisoner?
Did Ben kill the real Henry Gale?
Does Ben want Locke to stop pushing the button?
Why did Ben try to place doubt of the button on Locke?
If the Island can heal, how did Ben develop a tumor?
Den Ben purposely unlock Jack's cell in the Hydra so he can see Kate and Sawyer have sex, and therefore want to do the surgery?
Why won't Ben let Juliet take a pregnant woman to Miami?
Why did Ben want to keep Juliet on the Island?
Why was Ben born premature? Why did Ben's mother die when he was born?
Is Ben just pretending to see/hear someone in Jacob’s cabin? How is Ben thrown across the room? Is he pretending?
If indeed there is a Jacob, and he said "Help me" to Locke, did Ben actually hear it and was pretending he didn't?
Has Ben ever heard or seen Jacob?
Did Ben volunteer to kill his father?
At what point did Ben become the leader of the Others/Hostiles?
Is Ben actually able to talk to Jacob?
Why is Richard subordinate to Ben?
Why did Ben leave the Island (when he was photographed in an office)?
How often did Ben leave the Island?
When and where was the photo of Ben (in the office) taken?
Why does Ben have a hidden room containing a collection of different currencies, clothing, and passports?
How does Ben know about Widmore’s interest in the Island?
How is Harper in contact with Ben (in The Other Woman)?
How does Ben know where Charlotte and Ben were heading?
Why does Ben permit Danielle and Karl to escort Alex to the Temple?
Why is Ben covered in black soot after he emerges from the secret room (in The Shape of Things to Come)?
Did Ben call the Smoke Monster to attack Keamy's team? If so, how?
Under what circumstances has Ben been to the Tunisian hotel before?
Why does Ben not know what year it is? Why does he (correctly) assume it is 2005?
Has Ben traveled back in time?
Is Ben's story about getting off the Island (taking the Elizabeth to Fiji) true?
What is the relationship between Ben and Widmore?
Who did Ben signal with the mirror in There’s No Place Like Home Part 1 at the Orchid? What did Ben say in the signal with the mirror to the man at the Orchid?
If the person that moves the Island can never return, why does Ben now (in the funeral parlor) say they can return?
Why is Ben helping the Oceanic 6 return to the Island?
666. How much time has Ben spent off the Island since initially arriving as a child? (From Lostpedia)
667. How did Ben become the leader of the Others? (From Lostpedia)
668. Who was the leader of the Others before Ben? (From Lostpedia)
669. How and when did he meet Rousseau? (From Lostpedia)
670. Why didn't she remember him? (From Lostpedia)
671. How did he know Alex's name since she was a newborn baby? (From Lostpedia)
672. How did he come to meet Henry Gale, and how did it come about that he had been buried? (From Lostpedia)
673. Had he really been in Tunisia before? (From Lostpedia)
674. How and when did he learn to Speak Arabic and Turkish? (From Lostpedia)
675. Why didn't he tell the "captive" Tailies about Ana Lucia's death? (From Lostpedia)
676. Since Ben allegedly has the ability to leave the Island at will, why did he need Jack to perform his spinal surgery? (From Lostpedia)
677. When he told Locke that he personally came for him, was he telling the truth? (From Lostpedia)
678. Why did he tell Jack, Locke, and all of the Others that he was born on the Island when he wasn't? (The Man Behind the Curtain) (From Lostpedia)
679. Where did he go, and what did he do when he locked himself in the secret room in his house? (From Lostpedia)
680. How would he be able to acquire $3.2 million while seemingly being stuck on the Island? (From Lostpedia)
681. Why did he tell Locke that the button in the Swan station would be meaningless when it was apparently important to the island? (From Lostpedia)
682. Who is on Ben's list? (From Lostpedia)
683. What are "the rules" between Ben and Widmore? 684. Why does Widmore believe Ben stole the Island from him? (From Lostpedia)
685. Why can't Ben kill Widmore? (From Lostpedia)


686. What connection exists, if any, between Bernard and Dr. Gary Nadler? (From Lostpedia)


687. Who is his father? (From Lostpedia)
688. What did he want to tell Shannon as he died? (From Lostpedia)
689. Did he want to tell her he loved her? (From Lostpedia)


Why is Charlie hoarding Virgin Mary statues in The 23rd Psalm? Is he using again?
Is Charlie a ghost, a hallucination, or other (when he visits Hurley in the flash-forward)?
How does Lewis also see Charlie?
How can Charlie be both dead but "also here"?
Why does Hurley think Jack is not supposed to raise Aaron? Or, if it truly is a message from Charlie, how does Charlie know?
690. Will Claire end up receiving the ring and the letter? (From Lostpedia)


Will Claire's mother ever wake up?
Why did Claire leave Aaron behind?
Why does Christian appear to Claire?
What is Claire's part in the cabin in Cabin Fever? Why is Claire so calm and nonchalant in the cabinet? Is Claire drugged or hypnotized in Jacob's cabin?
Why are Christian and Claire in Jacob's cabin?
Why does Christian ask Locke not to tell anyone that he saw Claire in the cabin with him?
691. What was the original purpose of the implant? (From Lostpedia)
692. Do the Others (who keep files on everyone) know that she is Jack's half-sister? (From Lostpedia)
693. Was the seagull message ever received? (Par Avion) (From Lostpedia)
694. What is the relationship between the dressing on Claire's head at the tattoo parlor (Par Avion) and the one on her head in Jacob's cabin (Cabin Fever)? (From Lostpedia)
695. What was the meaning of the dream Claire details in her diary about the "Black Rock"? (From Lostpedia)
696. Will she ever realize that Jack is her half-brother? (From Lostpedia)


When was Desmond in the military?
Why was Desmond in a military prison?
If Desmond knows the quarantine is a lie, why does he ask Locke how many people have gotten sick (in Adrift)?
What did Desmond really do those few weeks he was gone? Was he on the sailboat the whole time?
How did Desmond's "lucid flashback" come about?
Did Desmond originally have the encounter with Charlie on the street?
Why was Desmond naked when he woke up?
Why was pushing the button "the only great thing" Desmond would ever do (as said by Mrs. Hawking)?
What would Desmond have done originally if the flashes hadn't given him so specific a mission?
How does Desmond know that Charlie has to drown in order for Claire and Aaron to get rescued?
Is Desmond's time-tripping a result of the helicopter going off its bearing?
697. What happened to Desmond's father that meant he had to leave University before graduation to take care of his brothers? (Flashes Before Your Eyes) (From Lostpedia)
698. Why was he dishonorably discharged from the British Army Royal Scots regiment? (Live Together, Die Alone) (From Lostpedia)
699. What causes Desmond's visions of the future? (From Lostpedia)
700. Does Desmond, like the Oceanic Six, have to return to the Island? (From Lostpedia)
701. Where did he and Penny go after dropping off the Oceanic 6? (From Lostpedia)
702. Did Desmond lie to Charlie about Claire boarding the helicopter? (Greatest Hits) (From Lostpedia)
703. Why didn't Desmond warn George to find a constant? (From Lostpedia)

Dr. Marvin Candle

How did Marvin Candle lose his arm?
Why does Dr. Candle now call himself Dr. Wickmund? Is it the same person (in ?)?
Why does Halliwax's arm work in this video Orchid ? 704. Why does he use multiple aliases? (From Lostpedia)
705. Why do his aliases all refer to candles (Halliwax, Wickmund, Candle)? (From Lostpedia)
706. Did he lose his arm or the use of his arm? If so, how? (From Lostpedia)
707. Who was his reliable source that gave him information from 30 years in the future? (From Lostpedia)
708. Who is the man filming his transmission and arguing with him? (From Lostpedia)
709. There is a baby heard in the background, was this baby born on the island, and if so, how? (From Lostpedia)
710. Why would DHARMA need an Astrophysicist to help change the "Core Values" of the Valenzetti Equation? (From Lostpedia)

Ethan Rom

Has the Ethan in this flashback been on the Island yet? (In Not in Portland)
What did Ethan do in the building immediately before Juliet met him for the first time?
711. Why would Ben send their surgeon on a potentially dangerous mission? (A Tale of Two Cities) (From Lostpedia)
712. How did he manage to overpower both Charlie and Claire, and later Jack? (From Lostpedia)
713. Were Ethan's actions approved by Ben or Jacob? (From Lostpedia)
714. When did he come to the island? (From Lostpedia)
715. Did he really have a wife who died in childbirth? (From Lostpedia)
716. If so, who was she? (From Lostpedia)


If Hurley was imagining Dave, was he imaging anything else we have ever seen him witness?
Will Hurley ever find out/remember that Libby was in the institution?
Is the entire show in Hurley's imagination, as Dave says it is?
If Hurley is believed to be dead, what actually has happened to his money?
Why does Hurley hear the whispers in The Beginning of the End?
Who's eye does Hurley see in the cabin?
Why is Hurley glad to hear no one else would be coming to visit Sun and the baby?
Why does Hurley think Jack is not supposed to raise Aaron? Or, if it truly is a message from Charlie, how does Charlie know?
Why does Hurley refer to him as Jeremy Bentham, and not as Locke?
Why is there someone parked outside Hurley's mental institution?
Where does Sayid take Hurley in There’s No Place Like Home Part 2?
Is Hurley really playing chess with Eko, or is he just crazy?
717. Why is his nickname "Hurley"? (From Lostpedia)
718. as he really cursed? (From Lostpedia)
719. Is he still cursed? (From Lostpedia)
720. Did the bird really say his name? (From Lostpedia)
721. Why does Hurley regret choosing to stay with Locke? (The Beginning of the End) (From Lostpedia)
722. Has he seen any other "dead people" besides Charlie and Eko? (From Lostpedia)
723. Why has he been seeing dead people? (From Lostpedia)


Will Jack ever find out that it was Claire's father who he failed to save in the hospital in 2001?
Why is Jack beaten up for his tattoos?
What consequences (other than being beaten up?) will there be for Jack's tattoos?
What does Jack think his tattoo means? (He denies the literal translation.)
Why does Jack think his father is still alive once he has returned from the Island?
Why does Jack think they never should have left the Island - especially if everything seems to be okay in the real world?
Why did Kate and Jack meet at such a bizarre location -- just outside a fence at the end of a runway?
Why didn't anyone attend the funeral except Jack?
Does Jack recognize Hurley's car on TV?
Why would Jack not want to see Aaron?
What is causing Jack's sickness (in The Shape of Things to Come)?
Why/how does Jack see Christian in hospital (twice)?
Why does Jack change his mind about Aaron?
Why do the characters refer to him as Jeremy Bentham, and not as Locke?
When did Jack and Kate talk to Locke off-Island?
Why does Lock say the "very bad things" were Jack's fault?
Why did Jack open Locke's coffin?
Why do the Oceanic 6 need to return to the Island?
724. In the first episode, why was he so far away from the crash when he woke up? (From Lostpedia)
725. Why was Jack violent with Achara? (From Lostpedia)
726. Why did he need the tattoo so badly? (From Lostpedia)
727. When did he take flying lessons? (From Lostpedia)
728. Where and when did he learn to use guns? (From Lostpedia)
729. Why did he ask the chief of surgery to get his father "down there" when his father died years ago? (From Lostpedia)
730. What are the very bad things that happened after he left the island? (From Lostpedia)
731. The origin of the Chinese characters has been explained, but what is the origin of the rest of the tattoo? (From Lostpedia)
732. Why is the tattoo in Chinese, rather than Thai? (From Lostpedia)


Who or what is Jacob?
Do all of the Others know about Jacob, or just a select few?
Who or what does Locke see, when there appears to be a man momentarily in Jacob's chair?
What is the liquid substance contained in the jars in Jacob's house?
Why does technology appear to enrage Jacob?
Why did Jacob get enraged? Was it because of technology? Was it because Ben and Locke arrived unsummoned?
How does Jacob contact/summon Ben?
Why does Jacob need help?
What is the nature of Jacob?
Where is Jacob, and why are Christian and Claire in his cabin?
733. What is Jacob's history? (From Lostpedia)
734. What powers does Jacob possess, and why does he use them? (From Lostpedia)
734. Why does Christian speak on Jacob's behalf? (From Lostpedia)


If Jin is the father of Sun’s baby, how is it possible, since he was diagnosed as infertile?
736. Is Mr. Kwon Jin's biological father? If not, who is? (From Lostpedia)
737. To whom did Jin deliver the watch in Sydney? To whom was he going to give the other one in California? For what reason was Mr. Paik giving the watches? (From Lostpedia)
738. What happened to Jin in the military? (From Lostpedia)
739. What happened to Jin after the freighter exploded? (From Lostpedia)


What is the meaning if the symbol Juliet is marked with?
Why exactly did they mark Juliet with the branding?
How did Juliet know it was going to be rain in terms of minutes when no clouds can be seen at night (in Left Behind)?
Where did Juliet learn to fight?
How did Juliet's shoulder get dislocated three times before?
How long was Juliet out on the first trip to the Island (One of Us)?
What is the implant the Others put in Juliet? Does it cause false symptoms, or are the symptoms Juliet shows real?
Why does Juliet know that the Looking Glass station was for jamming the radio communications?
Was Juliet telling the truth about the Others building a runway?
Whom does Harper think Juliet looks like?
740. Was Juliet drugged for her journey to the Island to prevent the possibility of the time dislocation that Desmond and Minkowski experienced? (From Lostpedia)
741. Does she know more about the Monster than she says? (From Lostpedia)


Why is Karl in a cage (in a Tale of Two Cities)? 742. What was his status in the Others' hierarchy? (From Lostpedia)
743. Karl and Alex appear to be the youngest Others (except for the tail section children who joined the Others) - how did he come to be on the Island? (From Lostpedia)


Why does Kate's mom scream for help when she sees Kate in Born to Run?
Why was Sam Austen certain that Kate would murder Wayne, if she found out he was her biological father?
How did Kevin and Kate meet?
Who is the "he" Kate says will be wondering where she is (in Through the Looking Glass)?
Why is Kate wearing such nice makeup and nice clothes at the airport in the flash-forward, when all the flashbacks had her dressing fairly plainly?
Why had Kate insisted that Jack not contact her?
Why did Kate and Jack meet at such a bizarre location -- just outside a fence at the end of a runway?
What was Kate doing for Sawyer?
Why doesn't Kate want Jack to know what she is doing for Sawyer?
What did Sawyer whisper in Kate's ear?
Why do the characters refer to him as Jeremy Bentham, and not as Locke?
When did Jack and Kate talk to Locke off-Island?
744. Who sent her money in a letter informing her Diane was dying? (From Lostpedia)
745. How did she get the other key to the safety deposit box? (From Lostpedia)
746. How did they know that she was in Australia? (From Lostpedia)

Kelvin Joe Inman

Why did Joe Inman talk Sayid into torturing Tariq? Joe obviously spoke Arabic, so he could have done it himself.
Why was Kelvin deceiving Desmond about the quarantine outside of the hatch?
747. How and when did he got to the island? (From Lostpedia)
748. What happened to his body after his death? (From Lostpedia)


Why was Libby in the institution?
How did Libby's husband die? (More specific than "got sick"?)
Did Libby really appear on the freighter?
749. What is her last name? (From Lostpedia)
750. Why did she lie to Hurley about how he recognizes her? (From Lostpedia)
751. Who were her husbands? (From Lostpedia)
752. What happened to each of her marriages that ended with them all being (presumably) unsuccessful? (From Lostpedia)
753. Why did she decide to drop out of Med. School? (From Lostpedia)
754. Why was she in Australia and why was she on board Flight 815? (From Lostpedia)


What secret did Locke tell Walt in Pilot, Part 2?
When did Locke become proficient with knives and hunting?
What does Locke see (when he sees the Smoke Monster)?
Why does the Monster not harm Locke?
What does Locke mean when he says ""I looked into the eye of the Island, and what I saw... was beautiful" in White Rabbit?
How does Locke know Walt was the one that burned the raft?
In Deus Ex Machina, why do Locke’s legs stop working, and then start working again?
Is Locke's experience with the Monster similar to Eko's?
What does it mean when Ben calls Locke "one of the good ones"?
What brought Locke to the commune?
How did Locke and Eko escape the Hatch implosion?
Why did Locke go temporarily mute? (in Further Instructions)
When did Locke live in San Francisco?
How were Locke and Eko's experiences during the implosion similar to or different from Desmond's?
Did Locke really blow up the submarine in The Man from Tallahassee? Why was Locke wet when he returned from destroying the submarine?
Did Locke ever tell the detectives about his father's con and the murders?
Why does Locke seem to have a black eye in Left Behind?
What does Ben mean with "You [Locke] brought him [Anthony Cooper] here?"
What does Cindy mean when she says the Others are "excited you're [Locke] here. They've been waiting for you"?
Why does Richard think Locke was special?
Why do they want to recruit Locke for Mittelos Bioscience Science Camp?
Why is Abaddon interested in Locke?
Why is Locke now going by the name Jeremy Bentham?
What events led to Locke getting off the Island, and dying?
When did Jack and Kate talk to Locke off-Island?
Why does Lock say the "very bad things" were Jack's fault?
Was Locke able to walk once he returned from the Island?
How does Locke die?
755. Did he choose the correct item? If not, which one should he have chosen? (From Lostpedia)
756. How did he end up laying outside if the Swan imploded? (From Lostpedia)
757. Was Ben really coming to recruit him (in Two for the Road)? If so, why was he not on Jacob's list? (From Lostpedia)
758. Why did the Monster not attack him at first, but then try to drag him down a hole later? (From Lostpedia)
759. If Locke killed himself on the mainland, why? If someone murdered him, who and why? (From Lostpedia)
760. How did he get to the mainland? (From Lostpedia)
761. Why did he visit members of the Oceanic Six and other survivors before his death? (From Lostpedia)


Why is Michael having (presumably guilt-induced) visions of Libby, but not Ana-Lucia?
What is in Michael's crate on the freighter?
If the Others didn't ask for Ana-Lucia's death (as Ben says), then why did Michael kill her?
Why/how does Christian Shepherd appear to Michael on the freighter? Why does Christian Shepherd say "You can go now" only a moment before the freighter blows up? Does it mean he can die?
762. Why did Hurley tell Walt the Oceanic Six were lying to protect Michael if he is dead? (From Lostpedia)
763. Do Jack and Kate know that Michael was on the freighter? (From Lostpedia)


Does the glass eye found in The Other 48 Days belong to this man with the eyepatch?
What is the relationship between Mrs. Klugh and Mikhail?
Is Mikhail really the last surviving member of DHARMA, or is he one of the Others?
Why does Mikhail say "Thank you" as he is being killed by the fence?
Why is Mikhail running in the jungle in D.O.C.? Was he running toward the parachute intentionally?
Did Mikhail die in the explosion of the Looking Glass station?
764. When did he arrive on the Island in relation to the events of the Purge? (From Lostpedia)
765. What happened to his right eye? (From Lostpedia)
766. How did he survive being shot by a spear gun? (From Lostpedia)

Mr. Eko

Is there more to Eko's proclamation of being a priest (current day), besides that of posing as one in order to smuggle drugs out of Nigeria?
How did Locke and Eko escape the Hatch implosion?
How were Locke and Eko's experiences during the implosion similar to or different from Desmond's?
767. How did he survive the implosion of the Swan? (From Lostpedia)
768. What was the significance behind the verses he put on his stick? (From Lostpedia)
769. Why did the Monster let him live during his first encounter but kill him during their second encounter? (From Lostpedia)
770. What was the "reason" for his death that John later tried to determine? (From Lostpedia)

Mrs. Klugh

When Mrs. Klugh tells Michael that he doesn't seem to know a lot about Walt, is she intentionally echoing the lawyers from the custody battle? Does she somehow know the details of the trial?
Why does Mrs. Klugh order Mikhail to shoot her?
What is the relationship between Mrs. Klugh and Mikhail?
771. Why was she not seen in the Barracks? (From Lostpedia)
772. What was her role in the Others' hierarchy? (From Lostpedia)
773. Are Russian and English the only languages she spoke? (From Lostpedia)


Why does Naomi speak so many languages?
Is Naomi's ability to speak Porteguese related to the Two Porteguese men Live Together, Die Alone?
Who was Naomi referring to when she said (in Porteguese) "I am not alone"?
Why were Daniel, Miles, Charlotte, and Naomi selected for the operation?
Why did Naomi claim to be looking for Desmond?
Who is "R.G." (the inscription inside Naomi's bracelet)?
774. Why did she parachute to the island several days ahead of her crew? (From Lostpedia)
775. Why did she speak so many languages? (From Lostpedia)
776. Where did she get a copy of the picture of Desmond and Penelope? (From Lostpedia)
777. Why did she ask Matthew Abaddon about what to do if she and the team encountered survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 on the island? (From Lostpedia)
778. Why did she even consider that there might be survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 on the particular island she was sent to find? (From Lostpedia)
779. What prior training did she have that she could train and lead the freighter team? (From Lostpedia)
780. If she was looking for Ben, why didn't she say anything after she had found him? (From Lostpedia)

Nikki and Paolo

Why didn't Nikki or Paulo tell anyone about the plane or the Pearl the first time they saw them?
Did Paulo ever communicate with the Others via the walkie-talkie?
Why did Paulo wait 16 days after finding the diamonds before trying to hide them?
781. What made her decide to con Zukerman? (From Lostpeida)
782. How did Nikki become an actress? (From Lostpeida)
783. What other crimes did Nikki and Paulo commit? (From Lostpeida)
784. What made them criminals in the first place? (From Lostpeida)
785. How did Nikki and Paulo meet? (From Lostpeida)
786. Did Nikki meet Paulo prior to her decision and plan to deceive Zukerman for his diamonds? (From Lostpeida)
787. Did Nikki ever love Paulo, or was she just using him for the diamonds? (From Lostpeida)
788. What is Paolo's last name? (From Lostpeida)


If Penny is the one that hired the Porteguese men, what is SHE looking for? How does she know anything about an electrical discharge, the Island, etc.?
How does Penny know about the freighter (which she has been trying to call)?
Why does Penny know about Widmore’s research?
How did Penny happen to be in the right place at the right time, in the middle of the Ocean, to rescue the Oceanic 6 when the Island disappears?
789. Why did The Looking Glass receive a transmission from her? (From Lostpedia)
790. Why was the freighter crew under orders to block her incoming calls? (From Lostpedia)
791. How does she know about the Island? (From Lostpedia)
792. Why does Charles think Ben won't find her? (From Lostpedia)
793. What happened with her engagement? (From Lostpedia)
794. Who was her fiance? (From Lostpedia)
795. Did the Oceanic 6 (or Desmond) tell her the whole truth about what happened on the Island? (From Lostpedia)

Richard Alpert

What were Richard Alpert's motives in his talk with Locke in The Brig?
In Ben's flashback, why does Richard Alpert appear to be the same age as he is in the current day?
How old is Richard?
Was Richard born on the Island?
Why is Richard subordinate to Ben?
How can Richard Alpert appear in the 1950's looking the same age as he does in the present day?
Why is Richard Alpert visiting baby Lock, and then little-kid Locke, and then teenage Locke?
Which object was Richard Alpert hoping Locke would choose?
Why, when Richard is disappointed in Locke's choice when Locke is a child, does he try to get Locke again when Locke is in high school?
How does Richard Alpert get to the mainland?
How does Richard Alpert know about Locke's existence and his whereabouts?
Why does Richard think Locke was special?
Why is Richard disappointed in Locke's choice (of the knife)?
Why do they want to recruit Locke for Mittelos Bioscience Science Camp?
796. Where and when was he raised? (From Lostpedia)
797. What was his role in organizing the Purge? (From Lostpedia)
798. Is he really a doctor? If so, when did he become one? (From Lostpedia)
799. What criteria prompted him to recruit Ben and, later, Locke? (From Lostpedia)
800. How did he travel off the Island before he had access to the Galaga? (From Lostpedia)


801. Is she special -- or as Ben puts it, "important", like Locke, because she is healed too? (From Lostpedia)
802. How did Rose know that the tail section people were alive? (From Lostpedia)
803. Did she really know or just believed it? (From Lostpedia)
804. If Rose leaves the island, will her cancer return? (From Lostpedia)


What is the nature of Rousseau's (dead) science team?
Why does Rousseau say "There are no such things as monsters" in Solitary?
805. Why was her clothing/actions/equipment primarily military in nature if her "routine expedition" was scientific/medical?
806. Why did she speak with a Central-European accent, rather than a French accent? (From Lostpedia)
807. Where is the ship that she and her expedition came on? (From Lostpedia)
808. Why did the Others leave her in isolation if they outgun and outnumber her by far? (From Lostpedia)
809. How did she survive the deadly gas that killed the Dharma Initiative? (From Lostpedia)
810. Where did she live after blowing up her shelter in Numbers? (From Lostpedia)
811. Her arrival on the island would pre-date the purge based on her having been on the island longer than Mikhail Bakunin. Why did she say nothing about it or DHARMA? (From Lostpedia)
812. How much of the information she gave the survivors was true? (From Lostpedia)
813. Why was she so certain that Ben was one of the Others? (From Lostpedia)
814. Why did she say the Others controlled the Radio Tower when it was in fact abandoned? (From Lostpedia)
815. Why did she send out the distress signal only in French when she can also speak English? (From Lostpedia)
816. How did the Others steal a week old Alex without Danielle seeing them? (From Lostpedia)


Is Cassidy really pregnant with Sawyer's child?
Is Clementine really Sawyer's daughter?
What was Kate doing for Sawyer?
What did Sawyer whisper in Kate's ear?
817. What was his relationship to Hibbs? (From Lostpedia)
818. Why did he drop out of school in grade 9? (From Lostpedia)
819. What did Gordy do to bail out Sawyer so that Sawyer "owed him one" (clearly occurring before the Tampa Job)? (From Lostpedia)
820. What exactly was the Tampa Job? (From Lostpedia)
821. What were the consequences of Kilo not getting his share from the David/Jessica con? (From Lostpedia)
822. What did he do in France to prompt an INTERPOL report, as shown in the Others' file on Sawyer (The Brig)? (From Lostpedia)
823. What favor did Sawyer ask Kate to do for him once the Oceanic 6 got off of the Island? (From Lostpedia)


Why does Sayid leave his bag with Shannon, a stranger, in Exodus, Part 1? Doesn't he know that that would be suspicious, especially because he is Middle Eastern? Also, where is he going that he can't take his bag?
Was Sayid's confession to Amira real?
Why is Sayid digging in the jungle in The Brig?
Who is Mr. Avellino (the man Sayid kills on the golf course)? Why does Sayid kill Mr. Avellino? Why does Mr. Avellino not recognize Sayid, but is distressed when he finds out Sayid is one of the Oceanic 6?
Where does Sayid take Hurley in There's No Place Like Home Part 2?
824. Why did he lie to Rousseau by telling her that Nadia is dead? (From Lostpedia)
825. What is the "Basra Incident" referred to by Juliet? (From Lostpedia)
826. Who are the people that Sayid is killing for Ben? (From Lostpedia)
827. Where is the safe place to which he is taking Hurley? (From Lostpedia)
828. Where did he learn to speak English so well? (From Lostpedia)
829. Does he have any family? (From Lostpedia)


Why is Shannon hearing the Whispers in Man of Science, Man of Faith?
830. Who was her mother? (From Lostpedia)
831. Who was her husband? Why did they separate? (From Lostpedia)
832. Why and how did Walt appear to her? (From Lostpedia)


What are Sun's plans for the future of Paik Industries?
What are Sun's plans with Widmore?
Sun says the 6 aren't the only ones that got off the Island. To whom else is she referring? Anyone besides Ben and Desmond?

The DeGroots



How can Tom be in the real world in the future, if he was killed on the Island?
What is Tom's relationship with Arturo?
How is Tom able to come and go from the Island?
833. Where exactly was he placed in the Others' hierarchy? (From Lostpedia)
834. Before the Purge, was Tom a member of the Hostiles, the DHARMA Initiative, or yet to be recruited?(From Lostpedia)
835. When Tom says he wishes they killed the Oceanic crew, is this because he is hateful or a realist, knowing them to be dangerous?(From Lostpedia)
836. How did he find Michael?(From Lostpedia)




Is there a relation between Walt thinking about birds, and birds flying into the window?
What are Walt's powers?
How did Walt appear to Shannon in Man of Science, Man of Faith? Is he really there, or is it a hallucination, or is Walt being projected? If it is the real Walt, how did he get to Shannon so quickly after being kidnapped? Why is Walt wet?
Why/how does Walt appear in Shannon's tent in Abandoned, and then later appear to Sayid?
What does Mrs. Klugh mean by "Has Walt appeared in places he wasn't supposed to be?"
What does Ben mean by the fact that they "got more than they bargained for when Walt joined them"?
Is Walt on the Island (in Through the Looking Glass)? Why does Walt appear to be older when he appears to Locke in the mass grave?
837. Does Walt have special powers? If so, how did he get them? 838. If so, why would the Others let him leave the Island? (From Lostpedia)
839. What tests did The Others make him take? (From Lostpedia)
840. Why did Walt not want Locke to open the Hatch in the first place? (From Lostpedia)
841. How was he able to communicate with the Swan computer? (From Lostpedia)
842. Was it really Walt who appeared to Shannon in the jungle and to Locke at the mass grave? If not, then what did Shannon and Locke really see? (From Lostpedia)
843. Was Walts appearence to Locke and Shannon a physical appearance or a ghostly appearance? (From Lostpedia)
844. If it was Walt, then how did he know that Locke had "work to do"? (From Lostpedia)
845. Why was Walt "taller" when he appeared to Locke? (From Lostpedia)
846. What was he doing for over three years after he left the island? (From Lostpedia)
847. How was he hiding his identity for over 3 years? (From Lostpedia)
848. Will Walt have to return to the island along with the Oceanic Six? (From Lostpedia)
849. Will Walt meet anyone else than Hurley from the Oceanic Six? (From Lostpedia)


How/why does Christian appear on the Island in White Rabbit (and any subsequent episodes)?
Why does Christian appear to Claire?
Why are Christian and Claire in Jacob's cabin?
How can Christian Shepherd speak on behalf of Jacob?
Why does Christian ask Locke not to tell anyone that he saw Claire in the cabin with him?
Why/how does Christian Shepherd appear to Michael on the freighter? Why does Christian Shepherd say "You can go now" only a moment before the freighter blows up? Does it mean he can die?
850. What happened to Christian's body? (From Lostpedia)
851. Why did he need Ana Lucia for protection in Sydney? (From Lostpedia)
852. Was he actually the one having an affair with Sarah? (From Lostpedia)
853. Why does Jack see Christian off the Island in the future? (From Lostpedia)
854. Why does he appear in different clothing? (From Lostpedia)
855. Where, when, and how did Christian's transition occur from bad father/drunk/bad husband to ambassador for Jacob? (From Lostpedia)

Richard Malkin

In Raised By Another, what does psychic Richard Malkin see about Claire's baby that makes her leave?
Why does he say it is crucial Claire raise her baby? If he says it is crucial, why does he then later say it should be put up for adoption?
Is Richard Malkin really a fraud, like he says in the episode ?? What about his readings about Claire's baby in Raised by Another?
856. Was there really a family in Los Angeles? Might they be people we know? (From Lostpedia)
857. Did he know that Flight 815 would crash? (From Lostpedia)

Charlotte Malkin

What is the nature of Charlotte Malkin's resurrection?
How does Charlotte know about Yemi, and about Eko not really being a priest? Is she psychic like (or unlike) her father?
Was she really "between worlds"?

Jae Lee

Who is Joe Lee's American woman?
Why did he commit suicide?

Sarah Shephard

Who is Sarah's lover?
858. Did Sarah actually have an affair with Christian Shephard? (From Lostpedia)
859. Is Sarah actually happy, as Juliet says? How does Juliet know? (From Lostpedia)
860. Who is the father of her baby? (From Lostpedia)


What is Cindy's path from Flight Attendant to being with the Others?
861. What did she mean by "We're here to watch"? (From Lostpedia)
862. What happened to her when she was taken, and why? (From Lostpedia)
863. Did Cindy ever try to get away from the Others? (From Lostpedia)
864. Does she know that Gary Troup was on Oceanic Flight 815 and that he died? (From Lostpedia)
865. If Cindy moved to the front of the plane to follow Charlie, why did she land in the water with the tail section? (From Lostpedia)
866. Why was she taken by the Others after they already had everyone on their list? (From Lostpedia)
867. Where is she now? (From Lostpedia)

Mrs. Hawking

Who or what is Ms. Hawking? How does she know these things?
How does Ms. Hawking know what Desmond does in his future?
What is the relationship between Brother Campbell and Mrs. Hawking?
Is the Mrs. Hawking in the photo on Brother Campbell's desk of a real person, and the Mrs. Hawking Desmond met only an illusion, vision, or physical representation of something else using the image of Mrs. Hawking as a costume?
868. How does she see Desmond's/other people's futures? (From Lostpedia)
869. Who appointed her as a 'temporal policeman' and what is her connection to the Island? (From Lostpedia)
870. Why does she appear in a photo with Brother Campbell? (From Lostpedia)
871. Do the visual flaws suggest it is an in-universe composite forgery, and what is its purpose? Or are simply a result of a prop blooper by the real-life producers? (From Lostpedia)
872. Did she work in the store the first time Desmond went to buy the ring? (From Lostpedia)
873. If the universe course-corrects by itself, why is she so concerned about Desmond changing things? (From Lostpedia)

Brother Campbell

What is the relationship between Brother Campbell and Mrs. Hawking?
Does Brother Campbell have similar "powers" as Mrs. Hawking?
874. What is his full name? (From Lostpedia)

David Reyes

What happened to David Reyes in the 17-year hiatus?
875. Why did he leave in the first place? (From Lostpedia)

Charles Widmore

What is the relationship between the monastary and Charles Widmore?
Who is the blindfolded man in the video tape of Charles Widmore?
What is Charles Widmore's true interest in the Island?
Who shot the video of Charles Widmore?
What do the freighter people (a.k.a. Charles Widmore) want with Ben?
Why does Charles Widmore want to kill everyone on the Island, including Others and Flight 815 survivors?
Why did Charles Widmore have Sayid's wife killed?
Why is Widmore so sure Ben, who is very crafty, will never find Penny?
Widmore says he wants "his" Island "back". Did Widmore once own (or otherwise "have") the Island?
What is the relationship between Ben and Widmore?
Does Widmore have Nadia killed?
Why does Widmore pretend to not recognize Sun in There’s No Place Like Home Part 2?
876. What started the rivalry between him and Ben? (From Lostpedia)
877. How did he know that Flight 815 crashed on the Island? (From Lostpedia)
878. Did he believe the survivors and the Others alike would get in his way of reclaiming the Island? (From Lostpedia)
879. Why did he buy the Black Rock ledger? (From Lostpedia)
880. Was it supposed to help him regain the Island? (From Lostpedia)
881. What are the "rules" in his conflict with Ben? (From Lostpedia)
882. How did killing Alex change them? (From Lostpedia)
883. Why can't Ben kill him? (From Lostpedia)
884. When did he start having nightmares? (From Lostpedia)
885. What kind of nightmares is he having? (From Lostpedia)
886. Where did he hide Penny? (From Lostpedia)
887. Does he know where Penny is, due to the fact that Penny is trying to hide Desmond from him? (From Lostpedia)
888. What is the relationship between Widmore and Mr. Paik? (From Lostpedia)
889. Why would Sun want to help him? (From Lostpedia)
890. If it's not Widmore who hates Desmond, who is it? (From Lostpedia)

Mr. Paik

What equipment was Mr. Paik providing to the Hanso Foundation?
891. What are the nature and extent of his ties with the Hanso Foundation and the Widmore Corporation? (From Lostpedia)


Why is Nadia in London?
How did Nadia get to Hawaii to greet Sayid?
892. Why did Sayid tell Rousseau that Nadia was dead? (From Lostpedia)
893. Why was Nadia murdered? (From Lostpedia)
894. Was Bakir her killer? (From Lostpedia)

Matthew Abbadon

Who is Matthew Abaddon? Is he really a lawyer for Oceanic?
Where does Matthew Abaddon want to take Hurley?
Why is Abaddon insistent that there were no survivors of Oceanic 815?
Why does Matthew Abbadon suggest Locke go on the walkabout?
Why is Abaddon interested in Locke?
What happened during Abaddon's walkabout?
895. Where did Abaddon come from? (From Lostpedia)
896. Why did he pick Daniel, Charlotte, Miles, and Frank for the job? (From Lostpedia)

Daniel Faraday

Why does the discovery of (the dummy) Oceanic 815 cause Faraday to cry?
Who is Faraday's caretaker? Why does he need one?
Why were Daniel, Miles, Charlotte, and Naomi selected for the operation?
Why is Charlotte testing Faraday's memory? Why is Faraday having memory trouble?
How does Minkowski know Desmond's name, and that Penny is his girlfriend?
How does Daniel know the details of the Secondary Protocol?
What happens to Daniel Faraday and the other people in the Zodiac when the Island disappears?
897. Why doesn't he wear any protective headgear to guard against radiation in the rat experiment? (From Lostpedia)
898. Why did Naomi refer to him as a "head case"? (From Lostpedia)
899. What was the purpose of his experiment on the Island? (From Lostpedia)
900. Why does he consult a diary containing information seemingly from the future? (From Lostpedia)
901. What was his significance to the team? (From Lostpedia)
902. Why was he specifically recruited by Abaddon? (From Lostpedia)
903. Why does he need a constant? (From Lostpedia)
904. What could "go wrong" that would require him to find a constant? (From Lostpedia)

Miles Straum

What is Miles' Ghostbuster Device?
Can Miles actually communicate with the dead?
What is the nature of Miles' abilities?
Why were Daniel, Miles, Charlotte, and Naomi selected for the operation?
Why did Miles ask for 3.2 million dollars?
How did Miles know that Karl and Danielle were buried, AND how did he know their names?
Why didn't Miles try to stop Claire from leaving the campsite in the middle of the night?
Why does Miles decide to stay on the Island?
905. Where did he get the photo of Ben that he showed to Jack and Juliet? (From Lostpedia)
906. Is he truthful about his intention to leave Ben alone if he obtains the $3.2 million? (From Lostpedia)
907. What does he mean by "I'll take care of Charlotte"? (From Lostpedia)
908. How did he know "Kevin" wasn't Michael's real name? (From Lostpedia)
909. How can he learn the truth from Naomi's dead body? (From Lostpedia)

Frank Lapidus

If Frank was originally supposed to be the pilot of Oceanic 815, why was he not eventually the actual pilot?
Why does Frank want Faraday to hang up the phone if Minkowski answers?
910. Why was he specifically recruited by Abaddon? (From Lostpedia)
911. Why did he memorize Flight 815's 324-passenger manifest? (From Lostpedia)
912. Does the Island want Frank back? Why or why not? (From Lostpedia)
913. Will he return, along with the Oceanic six? (From Lostpedia)

Charlotte Lewis

Why is Charlotte unconvinced that Flight 815 has been discovered?
Did Charlotte know what she was looking for when she was digging around the polar bear's skeleton?
Why were Daniel, Miles, Charlotte, and Naomi selected for the operation?
Why doesn't Charlotte tell the other members of her team about Ben's spy on their boat?
How does Charlotte know the history of the Island and the Purge?
Was Charlotte born on the Island?
Why has Charlotte been looking for the place where she was born?
Has Charlotte been trying to get to the Island?
Has Charlotte been on the Island before?
914. What was the award she was holding in the photo of her which was given to Naomi? (From Lostpedia)
915. Whom was she working for in Tunisia? (From Lostpedia)
916. Where did she learn Korean and why? (From Lostpedia)
917. How many languages does she speak, besides Korean, Tunisian, and english? (From Lostpedia)
918. Why did Matthew Abaddon send a cultural anthropologist on the mission to find the Island? (From Lostpedia)
919. Where was she born, and how is her family connected with the Island? (From Lostpedia)
920. What was it about finding the polar bear that made her so happy? (From Lostpedia)


Who is the economist Elsa works for?
921. Does she work for the person Sayid was searching for, or for someone trying to protect that person? (From Lostpedia)


What is the cause of Goodwin's chemical burn?
Why does Goodwin lie about his injury?


How is Harper able to suddenly appear and disappear into the jungle?
922. How was Harper able to convey orders from Ben? (From Lostpedia)
923. How did she react to Goodwin's death? (From Lostpedia)


Why is Regina's book upside down?
What causes Regina to commit suicide?
924. What was her role aboard the freighter? (From Lostpedia)
925. Why was she disoriented? (From Lostpedia)