Twin Peaks: Where We Saw Them Last

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But did you ever wnat to see a comprehensive list of all of the characters from TV's Twin Peaks and the film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, and what the fate of each character was?

(X) - Dead
(X?) - Possibly dead

Special Agent Dale Cooper - Trapped in the Black Lodge, while his Doppleganger is out in the real world

(X) Laura Palmer - Still dead, but presumably in a good place (being watched over by her guardian angel)

(X) Leland Palmer - Still dead (killed by BOB). Cooper believes he was welcomed into a peaceful afterlife by the spirit of Laura. Additionally: In the last episode, we see a Doppleganger of Leland in the Black Lodge, grinning and saying "I did not kill anybody."

Sarah Palmer - Alive. Last see with Windom Earle speaking through her from the Black Lodge.

(X) Maddy Fergusen - Still dead, killed by BOB.

Sherrif Harry S. Truman - Alive and fighting crime (but in the company of the Doppleganger Coop).

Deputy Hawk - Alive and fighting crime (but in the company of the Doppleganger Coop).

Deputy Andy Brennan - Alive and fighting crime, and accepted by Lucy as the father of her unborn child (whether it is his biologically of not is still unknown).

Lucy - Got back together with Andy, and pregnant.

Dick Tremane - Relieved to be released by Lucy.

Albert Rosenfeld - Alive and fighting crime.

Gordon Cole - Alive and fighting crime.

(X?) Benjamin Horne - Beaten up by Doc Hayward. Bloody injury on his forhead. Could be dead or seriously injured.

Audry Horne - Last seen chained to a bank vault. The bank then blew up. Could be alive or dead.

Jerry Horne - Was in a Board Meeting, and then a chef tried to stab him (but he is okay).

Johnny Horne - Alive and still loving his Indian head dress.

John Justice Wheeler - Deflowered Audry and flew to Brazil.

Donna Hayward - Freaked out to find out Ben Horne is her real dad.

Doc Hayward - Last seen beating up (and possibly killing) Ben Horne.

Eileen Hayward - Last seen watching her husband beating up (and possibly killing) Ben Horne.

Shelly Johnson - Alive and still working at the diner. May get married to Bobby.

Leo Johson - Last seen still trapped in Earle's cabin, with a string attached to a cage of poisonous spoders clutched in his teeth.

Norma Jennings - Was about to get married to her lover Big Ed Hurley, but then Ed's wife regained all of her memories.

Hank Jennings - Last seen in jail for the attempted murder of Leo Johnson, where he is threatened with divorce by Norma.

Big Ed Hurley - Was about to get married to his lover Norma, but then his wife regained all of her memories.

Nadine Hurley - Last seen having just had her memories come back to her, and has no idea she has been dating Mike and has no idea Ed and Norma have come out about their relationship. Will probably be pissed.

James Hurley - Rode his bike to San Francisco, after getting out of that hairy situation with Evelyn Marsh.

(X?) Pete Martell - In the bank when it blew up. Possibly dead.

Catherine Martell - Alive.

(X?) Andrew Packard - In the bank when it blew up. Possibly dead.

(X) Josie Packard - Still dead, but her soul may be trapped in the wood of the Great Northern.

(X) Thomas Eckhardt - Dead - shot by Josie.

Ms. Jones - In trouble for the attempted murder of Sherriff Truman.

Dr. Jacoby - Alive and still practicing psychiatry.

Major Briggs - Alive.

Bobby Briggs - Alive and may get married to Shelly.

Mike Nelson - His girlfiend (Nadine)'s memory came back, and she presumably has no memory of dating him. Also, probably broken hand.

The Log Lady - Alive and still a weirdo.

BOB - Inhabiting Dale Cooper. Will probably kill again.

Philip Gerard - Probably still selling shoes, when not possessed by MIKE.

MIKE - The spirit MIKE is probably still doing his thing. Whatever that is.

The Little Man From Another Place - Last seen in the Black Lodge giving Cooper some hints.

(X) Windom Earle - Killed in the Black Lodge by BOB (flames shot fom his skull and then his body collapsed after BOB said "I will take his [soul]."

Senor Droolcup - Last seen in the Lodge revealing he is also the giant.

The Giant - Last seen in the Lodge revealing he is also Senor Droolcup.

(X) Blackie O'Reilly - Killed by Jean Renault.

Mayor Dwayne Milford - Last seen at the Miss Twin Peaks contest.

(X) Dougie Milford - Died while making love to his wife.

Annie Blackburn - Difficult to say: She was not seen being actually hurt in the Black Lodge (although a version of her appears dead and bloody, but this is also Caroline), then found in the real world and taken to a hospital. Truman says she'll be fine (but is it really Annie that is in the hosiptal?). Also, a bloody version of her also appears speaking from the Black Lodge to Laura a few days before she was killed in Fire Walk With Me.

(X) Emory Battis - Still dead.

(X) Jean Renault - Still dead (shot by Cooper in Episode 20).

(X) Jacques Renaolt - Still dead (killed by Leland Palmer).

(X) Bernard Renault - Still dead.

Ronette Pulaski - Alive and hopefully going through some therapy. Last seen at the police station ID'ing some black oil.

(X) Harold Smith - Still dead (suicide).

Little Nicky

Heidi - Late for work. Again.

Phillip Jeffries - Last seen disappearing from the FBI office. Word is he reappeared in Brazil - but what year???

(X) Teresa Banks - Still dead (body last seen being investigated by Chet Desmond and Sam Stanley).

Chet Desmond - Disappeared from the trailer park, a year before Laura's murder.

Sam Stanley - Last seen still investigating Teresa Banks.

Mrs Tremond/Chalfont - Last seen in the "real" Mrs. Tremond's house, giving clues to Donna Hayward.

Mrs Tremonds Grandson - Last seen in the "real" Mrs. Tremond's house, giving clues to Donna Hayward.