In the fall of 2007,
Shannon and Brandon traveled to India

in order to 

help Shannon's sister Lisa adopt a little boy.

Brandon carried a ring
in his pocket during the whole exhausting adventure but couldn't find a romantic moment in the entire subcontinent.

They returned home on November 7th, exhausted and jet lagged.

While they were satisfying a craving for

(which is unavailable in India)

they were watching

when Brandon suddenly whipped out the ring and popped the question. 

Tears and laughter and a promise of a do-over followed.

Two days later, on November 9th,
after a nervous and margarita-filled dinner
at the site of their first date

they returned home, and with candles all around

and a favorite song on the stereo

Brandon got down on one knee,
made the perfect speech, and tears and laughter followed.

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