Shannon + Brandon

Mt. Rainier, July 2005
(Our first photo taken together as a couple?)

Mt. Rainier, July 2005

Backstage at Theater Schmeater's Money and Run (Shannon as Big Momma Bob, Brandon as her son Jinx) October 2005
Yes, Brandon's shirt says "Asian American Dance Theatre"

Money and Run, October 2005
(With Tim Moore, Seth Burnham, Brian Walton, Roy Stanton, Josh Hartvigson, Peggy Gannon, Alex Samuels and Sarah Papineau)

Disneyland, Halloween 2005

Disneyland, Halloween 2005

Snowshoeing at Snoqualmie, March 2006

Victoria, B.C. July 2006

Buchart Gardens, Victoria, B.C. July 2006

The Red Dress Party, February 2007

The Matterhorn, Disneyland, April 2007

The Blue Bayou, Disneyland, April 2007

Karaoke at the D.R. cast party, July 2007

Rialto Beach (Washington Coast), August 2007
(With Stephen Hando, Scot Auguston, Stacey Plum, Jeff Golden and Ben Laurance)

The India Gate, November 2007

India, November 2007

The Lotus Temple, India, November 2007

Wing-It Production's Reunion Tour, November 2007
(With Amanda Lee Williams)

Our Christmas Card, December 2007