In 2004, an experienced Seattle theater actress named Shannon and an experienced improv comic named Brandon...had never met.

But their meeting was unavoidable.

Prehistory (a.ka. Synchronicity)
Brandon was in the audience for numerous productions of Theater Schmeater's The Twilight Zone but, due to Shannon's chamaeleon-like acting technique, he had no idea that several of the women he saw in various productions were all the same person.
 One of Shannon's best friends, Lisa Neal Pignatro (also known as Miss Intermission), was Brandon's hands-down favorite Seattle notable personality, and was even in Jet City Improv with Brandon for a time.

Brandon and Shannon were both at Lisa's 30th birthday party, but their paths did not cross.

Lisa Neal Pignataro’s sister-in-law's husband was Brandon's high school teacher of Postmodern Literature, as well as vocal coach for his one starring high school role, and a featured singer on Brandon's favorite a capella-pop CD.

Brandon's college chum Ben Lidgus had an on-again-off-again relationship with Shannon’s friend Betsy Morris, co-star of an improv show Brandon once saw featuring other close improv friends of his. Betsy was also in The Seagull with Shannon, again at Theater Schmeater.

Brandon once delivered a package to Shannon’s building at Boeing when he was working as a courier.

Shannon and Brandon both went to the same college, and even had the same major, but not at the same time.

Their Meeting

In the summer of that 2004, Shannon and Brandon had the same thought. Being experienced in their theatrical fields, both were itching for a new experience. They thought: Hey! I want to do a musical! Within a few weeks, both had signed on to a ramshackle production of Jesus Christ Superstar in a ramshackle theater and both were ready for a challenge.

In the huge cast, Shannon stood out to Brandon that first day when she introduced herself to the room as "Leper #4, and 1st Whore from the Left."* Brandon stood out to Shannon that first day because he did something goofy and she recognized a potential new playmate. One instantly typed the other as "way too fancy"; one instantly typed the other as "way too young" but each recognized the other as "fun."

(*Shannon ultimately played neither leper nor whore, and Brandon actually played Leper #8.)

Somewhere during the long, long run of that show a perfect combination was born. Shannon was often bored and therefore mischievous (and skilled at entertaining herself without affecting the show or drawing the audience's attention). Brandon, as an improv professional, was the perfect foil for her tomfoolery. They parted sadly on closing night as fast friends.

The Relationship
Fast forward to 6 months later when both were free, and both had gotten over their hang-ups about fanciness and age. One confession- and margarita-filled dinner later at Agua Verde restaurant...and Shandon was born.

Over the next few months she shared with him her loves of snowshoeing, sushi and Disneyland. He shared with her his loves of muppets, improv and chimpanzees who know sign language. Together, they shared their loves of camping, The Swing Years and Beyond, reading in the backyard on a sunny day, and laughing until you can’t breathe.

They moved in together in October of 2006. They've been like peas and carrots ever since.