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I'm looking for a leg lamp to buy you. - Betsy Morris

Hooray! I'm so glad the pretend engagement that happened at our high school reunion came to fruition! Yippeeeeee!
Let the cabbage patching begin!
Smooches - Kim Holm

Auntie Barb is very happy to attend her nephew, Brandolio's, wedding to my new niece to be Sha-na-non.
Will be there with bells on my toes and rings in my nose.
- Auntie B

As for saying something funny in the face of true love, I got nothing. Knowing you guys makes me happy. Sharing your wedding day makes me honored. When cool people mate, it makes the world a little more right, in my book. Rock on. - Keri Healey

Awesome! Am I going to be the only unmarried person left? - Gary Zinter

You're busy I dont want to waste your time with a long response. - Erin Beck

Personally, I think this web site could use more pictures of your adorable nieces and nephews. - Carrie Howard (Sister of the bride)

You're both pretty in pink. - Dartanion London

What can I say? Even though I never see you two anymore (the perils of dating a NON-ACTOR - shocking, I know!), you two just make me happy. Like, seriously, seriously happy. And, I'm not lying - when I saw the way you two acted around each other during Jesus Christ Superstar, I knew you were going to totally. do. it. :P So yay! HAPPY HAPPY! I can't stop smiling about you guys gettin' hitched. - Amie Simon

Dearest Brandon and Shannon,
Oh my gosh !!! I am so wildly happy for both of you. Shannon, you have found a wonderful man. I have known your Brandolini since the day he was born and, although I am his wanna-be-auntie, I have always admired, respected and loved him.

PLUS, he always makes me laugh ! And Brandon, I am so very happy for you to have found Shannon. Not only is Shannon talented, intelligent and funny, but beautiful !! (and I havenít even met her yet.) Take great care of each other. I will be with you in heart and spirit on your beautiful wedding day (all the way from Boston).

Love to you both and, again, CONGRATULATIONS !!!!
- Auntie Ruthie

Best wishes to you for a great wedding day and a rewarding marriage!
Will be looking forward to lots-o-pix!

The Apostle Boozy
(Who is delighted to have been at the 'genesis' of all that is youtwoness.)

- Susan Stansbury

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