The purpose of this website is to catalogue all unanswered questions from the ABC TV show Lost. In addition to this, the website tracks answered questions as well. This is so the website can also act as a roadmap of the mysteries of the show and when and how they were solved.

This website will not be a place for detailed information. Just enough information is given for each question and answer. For detailed information, you can use Lostpedia, a site that has been an invaluable tool fo rme in creating this website.

This website will not tolerate speculation. Only answers based on cold, hard facts and information from within the show will be recorded. The only exceptions are when answers are plausible, if not overt, and when using information given out by the creators in interviews.

I wish to hold the creators accountable for the show they have created. I created this website partially to remind myself of forgotten details from the earlier seasons; I hope the creators also have not forgotten these details. I wish to see if, at the end of the series in 2010, there are any unresolved plot threads, unsolved mysteries or unanswered questions.

Definition of an unanswered question any thing not answered by the END OF THE SELF SAME EPISODE it was brought up in. (A handful of the questions on this site are answered in the next episode, or an episode only shortly thereafter.)

I wish this website to be a living website. Notice that there is a mystery about the show you do not see represented here? Please let me know (go to Submit a Question). See a question that you have the answer to, but I have not answered on this site? Please let me know so I can mark that question as answered.