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Status update: I have added ALL the episode-based questions for the entire series! Now I am starting over from the top and seeibng what questions have been answered, and fixing the numbers thereof. I figure I will have a total number sometime in 2013.

All episodes with a grey background have not yet been updated since the series finale.
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Episode #1.01 - Pilot, Part 1
 _ What caused the plane crash?
  The magnetic anomaly which was the result of Desmond not entering the numbers in on time (Live Together, Die Alone)
 _ What was Charlie doing on the plane (when he is being chased by the stewardess)?
  Heroin (Pilot, Part 2)
 _ Who is the guy that gets sucked into the engine?
  Gary Troup, author of "Bad Twin" (creators said so in a podcast on 10/30/06)
 _ What is that monster in the jungle?
  The Smoke Monster is a form of the Man in Black.
 1. Why did the Monster kill the pilot?
 _ Why did the Monster seem to try to kill Jack, Kate and/or Charlie after it had killed the pilot?
  I think it just tries to kill everyone! With a few exceptions...
 _ Why did the Monster appear near the survivors on the first night of the crash, and then again during the rainstorm?
  It was probably just checking them out.
 _ Why did Jack wake up a good distance away from the main crash site?
  Presumably, he was just thrown clear and there is no other meaninful explaination.
 2. (From Lostpedia) Why did the the plane lose all radio contact long before the actual crash?
Larger questions raised:
 _ What is the nature of the Island?
  The Island contains "The Source," which grants healing powers and enables other abilities of the Island, such as the ability to transport off of it, raise from the dead, hold onto wandering souls, and move the Island itself.
 3. Does the Island have a name?
 _ What is the nature of the Monster?
  The Smoke Monster is a form of the Man in Black, that was created when the Man in Black tried to enter the source.
 _ Why are any/each of these characters on a plane from Australia to Los Angeles?
  By now, each of these characters' back stories have been invesitgated in detail.
Episode #1.02 - Pilot, Part 2
 _ What is the deal with that letter Sawyer is reading?
  It is the letter he wrote as a child to the man that conned his parents, leading to their deaths (Confidence Man)
  Apparently, The DHARMA Initiative was doing science experiments on the Island on various types of animals (citation needed)
 _ Who left the French radio message?
  Rousseau, who has been stranded on the Island for 16 years (Solitary)
 _ What does "It killed them all" mean, from the French message?
  Rousseau claims the members of her team were all killed by a mysterous virus. But is this the (whole) truth?
We DO see some of them with symptoms of diesease... but we also know that Danielle killed at least one member of her team.
 _ Where is the message being broadcast from (where is the radio tower)?
  We finally see it in Through the Looking Glass.
 4. Why was the radio transmission never heard by the outside world?
  ...Besides Sam Toomey, who heard them while in the Navy.
 5. What secret did Locke want to tell Walt?
 6. Where is the island?
  We can't say any more specifically that it is somewhere between Australia and Los Angelas (South Pacific or Indian Ocean). In Pilot, Part 1, the Pilot mentions that they were 1000 miles off course. Rousseau says it is three days from Tahiti by boat. (Personally, I believe it is at latitude 04' 08' 15' and longitude 16' 23' 24' - KMcN)
Larger questions raised:
 _ What sort of scientific research was DHARMA doing on the Island?
  Various, and sundry.
Episode #1.03 - Tabula Rasa
 _ What did Kate do to become a fugitive?
  She killed her father by blowing him up, because he was abusive to her mother. (citation neeed)
 _ What does Michael hear in the jungle?
  Probably the Smoke Monster.
Episode #1.04 - Walkabout
 _ Who is this "Helen" Locke is speaking to on the phone?
  Helen is the name of Locke's (ex-)girlfriend. (Orientation) But it is probably not the real Helen on the phone (see next question).
 _ Why does she refer to Locke as a "customer"?
  It appears that this "Helen" is a phone sex operator Locke is paying to pretend to be his ex-girlfriend Helen.
 _ What is that device next to Locke's bed?
  Presumably, it has something to do with the fact that Locke is missing one kidney (having donated it to his father, Anthony Cooper).
 _ Why is Locke in a wheelchair?
  Locke's father, Anthony Cooper, tried to kill him by pushing him out of a window. (The Man from Tallahassee)
 _ Why is Locke able to walk now on the Island?
  The Island appears to have healing properties.
 7. When did Locke become proficient with knives and hunting?
 _ Is Rose's husband still alive?
  Yes. We finally meet him in Everybody Hates Hugo.
 8. Why does the Monster head for Locke?
 _ What does Locke see in the Monster?
  "A beautiful light."
 9. Why does the Monster not harm Locke?
 10. Why did Locke temporarily lose the feeling in his legs while hunting the boar?
Episode #1.05 - White Rabbit
 _ Why did Christian Shepard go to Australia?
  He has family there. The mother of his illegitimate daughter (Claire) is in a coma there; he tried to bust in on Claire's aunt, Lindsey. (Two for the Road)
 _ Why/How does Christian Shepard appear on the Island?
  He is the Smoke Monster (aka the Man in Black), in disguise!
 11. What does Locke mean when he says "I looked into the eye of the Island, and what I saw... was beautiful."?
 12. Why is Christian's coffin empty/Where is Christian's body?
Episode #1.06 - House of the Rising Sun
 _ Why is there blood on Jin's hands (in their apartment in Seoul)?
  He beats up ("gives a message to") a man at the behest of his father-in-law, Mr. Paik. (...In Translation)
 _ Why is Jin flying to Los Angelas ("for his work")?
  Supposedly, he is delivering gold watches at the behest of his father-in-law.
 _ Where/why did Jack get his tattoos?
  He gets them in Phuket, Thailand. (Stranger in a Strange Land)
 _ What do his tattoos mean?
  Isabel says they mean "He walks amongst us, but he is not one of us" (in addition to a Chinese 4 and 5). (Stranger in a Strange Land) (More on the meaning and translation of the tattoos here.)
 - Who are "Adam and Eve"? Where did they come from? How long have the been there?
  "Adam" is the original body of the Man in Black (who is now the Smoke Monster); "Eve" is the Woman who raised him. They have been there for about 2000 years.
 _ What is the deal with the black and white gemstones found on Adam and Eve?
  They were the game pieces of senet, the game Jacob and the Man in Black played as children.
Episode #1.07 - The Moth
 _ Are there any Tailies alive?
  Yes. We meet may of them in Orientation.
 _ Who knocked Sayid out while they were triangulating the signal?
  Locke. He says he did to to protect them, since the radio tower might be related to whatever the French message said "killed them all." (The Greater Good)
Episode #1.08 - Confidence Man
 _ Who is the real Sawyer?
  Anthony Cooper, Locke's father. We suspect this for a long time, but it is finally confirmed in The Man from Tallahassee.
 _ What is the story behind the letter?
  Sawyer wrote it as a kid to the man that caused his parents' deaths, and hopes to one day get to read it to that man. (Confidence Man) And he sort of gets to in The Man from Tallahasse.
Episode #1.09 - Solitary
 _ What is the deal with the cable running from the ocean into the forest that Sayid finds?
  It connects the underwater station, the Looking Glass, to the rest of the Island (presumable to the Flame). (Greatest Hits) Mikhail says it is for communication. (Enter 77)
 _ What happened to Alex?
  Alex was raised by Ben, and is still on the Island.
 _ Who is the "they" Rousseau refers to? (Who are controlling the signal that her messages being broadcast on.)
  Duh. The Others. No citation needed.
 _ Is Nadia really dead?
  No. Sayid is finally reunited with her in There's No Place Like Home, Part 1
 13. What is the nature of Rousseau's science team?
 _ What caused them all to die?
  She says it was "the sickness", which was carried by the Others. (Exodus, Part 2)
 14. What is the loud sound heard outside of Rousseau's tent? If it is the Monster, why does Rousseau say "There's no such thing as monsters?"
 _ What are the whispers Sayid hears in the jungle?
  The whispers are the vooices of those that are dead and trapped on the island, unable to "move on" to the next stage. In this episode, they say, among other things, "He's seen too much already."
Larger Questions Raised
 _ What is the nature of the Whispers?
  The whispers are the voices of those that are dead and trapped on the island, unable to "move on" to the next stage. They are often sympathetic and are trying to help the survivors.
Episode #1.10 - Raised by Another
 15. What does psychic Richard Malkin see about Claire/Claire's baby that makes her leave?
  Richard Malkin is probably a fraudulant psychic.
 16. Why does he say it is crucial Claire raise the baby?
 17. Who are these "good people" that Richard says will adopt the baby in Los Angelas?
  It is possible there is no one there, and he just makes it up so Claire wil get on the plane, knowing full well she will crash. But if he is NOT pyschic - then who would be in L.A. to meet Claire and take her baby?
 18. If Richard says it was "crucial" that Claire raise the baby, why does he then convince her to put it up for adoption?
 19. Why does he insist upon Flight 815?
 _ What was in the syringe that Claire/Claire's baby was injected with (by Ethan Rom)?
  It was the Vaccine against "the Sickness."
Episode #1.11 - All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
 _ What is the artificial structure Locke and Boone find in the jungle?
  The Hatch (first described as such in Hearts and Minds)
Episode #1.12 - Whatever the Case may Be
 _ What is the nature of the Hatch?
  Inside are living arrangements for the people designated to push the button every 108 minutes.(Man of Science, Man of Faith)
 _ Who is "the man [Kate] loved/killed"?
  Her childhood friend Tom, who is accidentally killed while they were running from the cops. (Born to Run)
Episode #1.13 - Hearts and Minds
 _ Why does the compass not work on the Island?
  The Island seems to exhibit unique and bizarre electromagnetic properites - focused near the Hatch.
Episode #1.14 - Special
 20. Is there a relation between Walt thinking about birds and the bird flying into the window?
 21. What does Brian Porter (and Locke) mean when he says that Walt is different and that "things happen when he is around"?
 _ What is this "black rock" alluded to on Rousseau's map?
  A 19th Century British slaving ship, marooned in the Island. (Exodus, Part 1)
 _ What happened to Claire? Where was she? How did she escape?
  She was kidnapped by Ethan, and subjected to tests by the Others at The Staff, and was helped to escape by Alex. (Maternity Leave)
 _ Did Walt also summon the polar bear in the same way he summoned the bird?
  It is more likely the polar bear was just roaming the Island, after the deterioration (purge) of DHARMA..
Larger questions raised:
 22. What is the nature of Walt?
Episode #1.15 - Homecoming
 _ What is the cause of Claire's amnesia?
  Probably just trauma.
Episode #1.16 - Outlaws
 23. What is the deal with the boar that appears to have a personal vendetta against Sawyer ?
 _ What are the whispers Sawyer is hearing? Are the related to The Whispers?
  It's the voice of Frank Duckett (not the real Sawyer).
 24. What was The Tampa Job?
Larger Questions Raised
 25. If one of the voices is Fran Duckett - does that mean that any dead person in the whole world can get stuck on the Island - even if they never visisted the Island? If so - then does that mean the Island is connect to every soul in the whole history of the world? Or just those that have been connected to the Losties?
Episode #1.17 - ...In Translation
 26. How does Locke know Walt was the one that burned the raft?
Episode #1.18 - Numbers
 _ Where/who was broadcasting the Numbers that Sam Toomey and Leonard heard while stationed in the Pacific Ocean?
  According to The Lost Experience, DHARMA started broadcasting the numbers in the 1970's, to communicate with DHARMA's backers in the outside world.
 _ Are the Numbers Rousseau heard (and put on the map) from the same broadcast that Sam Toomey and Leonard heard?
 27. Who made the rope bridge that Hurley crossed?
 _ What does Rousseau mean when she says the numbers are what brought her to the Island? Are the Numbers connected to Rousseau's science team?
  Rousseau's science team overheard the numbers on their radio when three days out of Tahiti, and decided to investigate. (Citation needed.)
 28. What is the purpose/origin on the Numbers on the Hatch?
 _ Is the box company Locke works at the same box company Hurley owns (which later burns down)?
  Yes. (Citation needed)
 _ Who is the man that falls past the window as Hurley is meeting with his financial planner?
  Probably no one significant.
 29. What event on the Island 16 years ago caused DHARMA to start playing the Numbers without encryption over the radio tower?
  Could it be the Purge?
 30. What is the nature of the Numbers?
  The Numbers seem to be key numerals in the Valenzetti Equation. But they does not explain why they seem to have a smuch power as they do, or why they appear so often.
Episode #1.19 - Deus Ex Machina
 31. What causes both of Locke's legs to stop working in this episode?
 _ Who is on the other end of the radio (that claims to be the survivors of Flight 815)?
  Bernard, one of the Tailies. (The Other 48 Days)
 32. What makes legs start working again?
 _ What makes the light inside the Hatch turn on?
  Desmond turns it on. (Live Together, Die Alone)
 33. (From Lostpedia) Was Boone a sacrifice the Island demanded (since it is later revealed that this incident caused Desmond to not commit suicide)?
Episode # 1.20 - Do No Harm
Episode #1.21 - The Greater Good
 _ How does the CIA know where Nadiya is?
  They're the CIA, and she's an immigrant from a country we are at war with.
Episode # 1.22 - Born to Run
 _ Why does Kate's mom scream for help when she sees Kate?
  Because she tried to kill her stepfather! Also - she might have some dementia.
 34. Who sent Kate the letter telling her about her mother being treated for cancer in hospital?
 35. How does Walt know about the hatch Locke is trying to open? Why does he warn him not to do it?
Episode #1.23 - Exodus, Part 1
 _ What happened to the woman Jack met at the bar (Ana-Lucia)? Did she die in the plane crash?
  She survived the crash, and is on the Island. She is one of the tailies. (Orientation)
 36. Why does Sayid leave his bag with Shannon, a stranger? Doesn't he know that that would be suspicious, especially because he is Middle Eastern? Also, where is he going that he can't take his bag?
 37. What is the deal with the Smoke Pillar Rousseau saw the day her daughter was kidnapped by the Others?
 _ What is the deal with the Smoke Pillar the Losties see this day?
  It was lit by Rousseau - she was attempting to steal Aaron, so she could trade him for Alex.
 38. Why is "The Dark Territory" so named?
 _ Why does The Monster not attack them in the Dark Territory?
  Perhaps the Dark Territory is on the "wrong" side of the sonar fence?
 _ How did The Black Rock come to be on the Island? What is its history?
  It was tossed to the Island's interior during a massive storm in the 19th century.
Episode #1.24 - Exodus, Part 2
 39. Where would the Monster have taken Locke (underground)?
  To underneath the Temple?
 _ Is the black smoke they see right before Locke is dragged away by the Monster, and the black smoke that rises from the hole after they drop the dynamite, related to the Monster?
  It IS the Monster!
 40. Why do the Others want Walt?
 _ Who are the people that kidnap Walt? Are they the Others?
  Yes. One of them is Tom. The other three (the twins and the older woman) we have not seen since. (Citation needed)
 _ What is the deal with the huge bird, and does it really say "Hurley?"
  The natural cry of that bird merely resembles the word "Hurley." The birds are "hy-birds" genetically engineered by DHARMA.
 _ (From Lostpedia) Is Locke correct on his speech to Jack?
  Partially: Yes, they were all brought there for a reason. No, the answer is not in the hatch.
 41. (From Lostpedia) Why did the Monster become aggressive toward Locke, instead of letting him go like last time?
 42. (From Lostpedia) What is the strange rock painting on the beach?
 _ (From Lostpedia) Who lit the brazier that made the black smoke and why?
  It was lit by Rousseau - she was attempting to steal Aaron, so she could trade him for Alex.
 43. What is the deal with everyone running across each other before the Island? Is it mere coincidence, or is there something larger going on?
 44. What is the nature of the sickness that Rousseau says killed her crew?
Episode #2.01 - Man of Science, Man of Faith
 _ Will Shannon ever find out that Jack failed to save her father's life in the hospital in 2001?
  Presumably not, since she is now dead. (Abandoned)
 70. Will Jack ever find out that it was Claire's father who he failed to save in the hospital in 2001?
 71. What is Desmond injecting himself with?
  It was thh Vaccine, but we never found out what the Vaccine wa sfor, or if it even worked, or if it was even intended to work, or be a placebo.
 72. Why does the back of the Hatch door read "Quarantine"?
  Presumably against whatever it was that killed Danielle's crew; or else, it is there as a false warning.
 73. Why is Shannon hearing the Whispers?
 74. How did Walt appear to Shannon? Is he really there, or is it a hallucination, or is Walt being projected?
 75. If it is the real Walt, how did he get to Shannon so quickly after being kidnapped?
 76. Why is Walt wet?
 _ What is Walt saying?
  (Backwards) "Don't push the button. Button bad."
 _ What is the nature of the mural painted on the wall?
  The creators say it was done by Desmond.
 _ What is the nature of the strong metallic force that acts upon the key around Jack's neck?
  The Swan station was biult near a massive pocket of naturally occuring electromagnetic energy.
 _ What is the purpose of the computer?
  The Numbers must be typed into it every 108 minutes, in order to prevent an incident. (Citation needed). It can also be used to communicate.
 _ What happened to Kate?
  She has been locked inside a dark room after Locke had told Desmond she is a fugitive. (Adrift)
 _ Is there a connection between Desmond being in the Hatch and Desmond seeing Jack in the real world?
  According to Orientation, it's just a coincidence (according to Desmond's story).
Episode #2.02 - Adrift
 _ Who is the "him" Desmond thinks Locke might be?
  His (actually, Kelvin's) replacement button-pusher. (Citation needed.)
 _ What is the deal with the snowman question?
  It is a test the current button-pusher gives to his replacement. (Citation needed.)
 _ What does Desmond mean when he asks how many survivors have gotten sick?
  He believes the outside world is quarantined. He believes he has escaped getting sick by injecting himself with some sort of medicine.
 _ Who is this group of people chasing Jin?
  They are the Tailies (survivors from the tail section of the plane). (Everybody Hates Hugo
 _ What is the deal with the DHARMA tattoo on the shark?
  It was initially intended by the creators to be a joke. In the context of the show, it is likely that the shark was part of zoology experiments conducted by DHARMA.
 77. Why do they drift back to the Island, and not out to sea?
  Likely it is due to the electromagnetic properties of the Island confusing their compasses.
Episode #2.03 - Orientation
 _ What does Desmond mean when he says everyone will die if the computer does not get fixed?
  That is what Desomond was told will happen.
 _ Who is this Kelvin?
  He is Kelvin Inman, former U.S. Army soldier, who was recruited by DHARMA (or someoneposing as DHARMA).
 _ If "The Swan" is "Facility 3," are there other facilities? Are they on the Island? What are they called? What are their respective purposes?
  At this point in time (January 2008), we have seen at least eight stations.
 _ What is the purpose of entering the code into the computer every 108 minutes? What happens if you do not enter the code?
  An incident.
 _ What is "an incident"?
  An Incident, as a result of not pushing the button, involves a massive release of magnetic power -- which is possibly a precursor to something bigger, if it is not shut down in time.
 _ Where is Desmond running to?
  His sailboat. (Live Together, Die Alone)
 _ If the people who have captured Michael, Jin and Sawyer are the Others, what is Ana-Lucia's relationship to them, considering we have seen her in the real world?
  She is a Tailie -- a civilian survivor who was in the tail section of the plane. (Everybody Hates Hugo)
 _ (From Lostpedia) Where are the other missing pieces of the Orientation film?
  In a bible in The Arrow (What Kate Did)
 78. Why was the film edited and part of it hidden in a bible?
 _ (From Lostpedia) How did Marvin Candle lose his arm?
  He was injured in the 1977 Incident.
 Questions related to the Swan Orientation film:
 79. What is the relationship to the Hanso foundation to everything else (other than it funding the DHARMA Initiative)?
 _ What is the nature of "the unique electromagnetic fluctuations" found on the Island? How is/was DHARMA studying it?
  The unique electromagnetic properties seem to be natural, or indigenous, to the island. DHARMA was studying it in a variety of ways.
 _ What is "the Incident" Dr. Candle refers to?
  A massive release of magnetic power.
 _ What is the nature of the button and the computer?
  The computer somehow abates an incident from happening.
 80. What is the nature of the DHARMA Initiative?
 _ Are the Others related to the DHARMA Initiative?
  The Others killed all of the on-Island members of the DHARMA Initiative.
Episode #2.04 - Everybody Hates Hugo
 _ What is the purpose of the 10' thick wall of concrete around the magnetic anomaly in the hatch?
  It is containing the strong magnetic event.
 _ What will the eventual fate of the message bottle be?
  Kate digs it up to find Sawyer's note in ...And Found.
Episode #2.05 - ...And Found
 _ What happened to Goodwin (the dead Other Jin finds while with Eko)?
  Ana-Lucia killed him after realizing he was dangerous to them. (The Other 48 Days)
 81. (From Lostpedia) Who is Joe Lee's American woman?
Episode #2.06 - Abandoned
 82. Why/how does Walt appear in Shannon's tent?
 83. What does Walt mean when he says "They're coming and they're close"? Is he referring to the Others?
  He could be referring to the Tailies. Since it is also possible he is astral projecting from the future, he could be referring to anything, since he may not know "when" he is, or where he is, or to whom he is appearing.
 _ What happened to Cindy?
  She has ended up with the Others -- and appears to be on their side now. (Stranger in a Strange Land)
 84. Why/how does Walt appear to Sayid?
 85. What does Walt mean by "Sshhh" (to Sayid)?
 86. (From Lostpedia) How was Cindy so easily abducted?
Episode #2.07 - The Other 48 Days
 _ Is the little boy (Zack) with the teddy bear the same little boy with the teddy bear who's feet we saw in ...And Found ?
  The creators of the show have denied this.
 87. To whom does the glass eye belong to (found in the Arrow station)?
  Presumably, Mikhail. But the evidence is only circumstantial.
 88. (From Lostpedia) In "A Tale of Two Cities", when the Others see the plane falling from the sky, Ben tells Goodwin that he can get to where the tail crashed in an hour if he runs. If it took him an hour to get there, then why did Ana Lucia point out to Goodwin that ten minutes after the crash he wasn't even wet?
  Perhaps she was exxagerating. Or it's just a writer error.
 89. (From Lostpedia) In "A Tale of Two Cities", Ben told Ethan and Goodwin he wanted lists of the survivors in two days. However, on the night of the crash, three Tailies were abducted by The Others. How was Goodwin able to make a first list and communicate so quickly with his group?
Episode #2.08 - Collision
Episode #2.09 - What Kate Did
 90. What is the deal with the black horse? Is it the same horse she saw on the road to Iowa? Is it actually on the Island, or just appearing to be so? Is it actually on the road to Iowa, or just appearing to be so?
 91. How could attempting to use the computer to contact the outside world lead to an "incident"?
 92. Is it really Walt on the other end of the computer? If not, who is it?
 93. What caused the computer to go into chat mode?
 94. (From Lostpedia) Was Kate's horse a manifestation of the Monster?
  It could have been on the Island, but it must have been a real horse when seen inthe real world.
 95. Why was Sam Austen certain that Kate would murder Wayne, if she found out he was her biological father?
Episode #2.10 - The 23rd Psalm
 96. Is the person on the other end of the computer in this episode the same person room the last episode?
 _ What does the person on the other end of the computer (presumably Walt) mean by "They are coming back"?
  Presumably, if it is Walt, he has accessed a computer in secret, and doesn't want to be caught (by the Others that have him) using it.
 97. What are the explosions Charlie witnesses when he is in the tree?
  Probably just the Smoke Monster coming out of the ground.
 _ What are the images of Eko's past in the smoke? Is the smoke "scanning" Eko?
  Sure, why not?
 98. Is Locke's experience with the Monster similar to Eko's?
  This one is hard to answer. Locke said "I saw a bright light it was beautiful," When WE saw the Smoke Monster scanning Eko, it did not appear to US as a "bright light," although it is possible that is how Eko saw it.
Sub question: 1.07: Did the Smoke Monster scan Locke in their first encounter, as it did Eko? Maybe. That might explain how the Smoke Monster could appear as Locke - it has to scan you first. Perhaps when it scans you, it appears to you light a bright light.
Here is another interpretation, rom the Lostpedia Theory page on the Smoke Monster: the Smoke Monster manifests itself as how they see the island -- "a place of renewal, beauty, and miracle."
 _ Is there more to Eko's proclamation of being a priest (current day), besides that of posing as one in order to smuggle drugs out of Nigeria?
  Yes -in Season 3, we see his whole story, where he takes his brother's place as Priest (although never ordained) to help protect his village. He works as a priest in England and Australia.
 99. Why is Charlie hoarding Virgin Mary statues? Is he using again?
  I believe he is holding onto the drugs, just in case, but has not been using.
 100. (From Lostpedia) Why did the Monster not attack Mr. Eko?
  The Smoke Monster may have wanted to use Eko, as Eko was a man of faith, in much the same way he uses Locke later on.
 101. How did the plane leaving Nigeria land on the island?
  Perhaps the Island was in a different place (closer to Nigeria?) when Yemi flew over it.
Episode #2.11 - The Hunting Party
 102. Who is Sarah's lover?
  Probably no one we've seen before or since; no one related the plot. Or, I'm gonna say Jacob, just to make things interesting.
 _ What is the source of the seven gun shots heard in the jungle?
  It is gunfire exchanged between Michael and Tom. (Three Minutes)
 _ Who is the "somebody a whole lot smarter than anybody here" that the Bearded Other refers to?
  This is a quote from Alvar Hanso, on the Hanso Foundation website. Unless Tom is referring to Jacob.
Episode #2.12 - Fire + Water
 _ Why is Eko marking trees?
  To cut down and build a church.
 103. (From Lostpedia) What is the significance of the seagull appearing towards the end of the dream?
Episode #2.13 - The Long Con
 _ Who attacked Sun in the jungle? Was it one of the Others?
  It was Charlie. He did it to justify to the other Losties to attack the Others.
 _ Why are the able to receive a classic jazz station on the radio?
  From Lostpedia: "In the recap episode 'Lost: A Journey in Time', producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse revealed that the radio broadcast was indeed from the 1940s and a product of time travel.
Episode #2.14 - One of Them
 _ Is "Henry Gale" an Other, or an innocent person from Kansas?
  We find out he is not Henry Gale, the balloonist in Lockdown. We find out he is an Other in Dave
 _ If Rousseau is correct about "Henry Gale," how does she know so?
  They met in 1988, when Ben was sent to kill her, but instead spared her life and took her daughter.
 _ What is the nature of the sickness that Gale claims took his wife? Is it the same sickness that killed Rousseau's people?
  We'll, he's lying.
 _ What is the deal with the non-metallic minerals Gale claims to be mining?
  We'll, he's lying.
 104. What is the deal with the heiroglyphics that appear on the timer when they fail to enter the code in in time?
  The creators said the translation is "underworld." But this doesn't explain why they are on the timer, or what they are intended to signify.
  Further information from Lostpedia: "Damon Lindelof stated that the Dharma Initiative included the hieroglyphs as an homage to the historical occupants of the island." But this still doesn't answer the question of why they are there - what their purpose is.
 _ Did they manage to enter the code in in time, or was the fact that nothing happened proof that nothing will happen if you fail to enter in the code?
  They did manage to enter the code in in time. We see later what happens when you don't.
 105. (From Lostpedia) Did "Henry Gale" fall into Rousseau's trap intentionally or by accident? If it was intentional, how did he know that Rousseau would turn him over to the Losties? And for what purpose or purposes did he want to become their prisoner?
 106. (From Lostpedia) Why did Joe Inman talk Sayid into torturing Tariq? Joe obviously spoke Arabic, so he could have done it himself.
Episode #2.15 - Maternity Leave
 _ Why is "Beardy" clean shaven and cleanly dressed? Is his tattered look a disguise, or has something happened in the time period between this flashback and current time?
  It is a disguise. We find the costumes and theatrical make-up in Live Together, Die Alone
 _ Who is this "Him" "Beardy" is speaking about?
 107. What is the liquid Ethan has Claire drink?
 _ What does Ethan mean that the Others are "good people"?
  There is a war going on, and the Others believe they are working for the greater good. It's complicated.
 _ Who is the teenage girl that awakens Claire? Is it Rousseau's daughter, Alex?
  Yes, it is.
 _ Why does the teenage girl help Claire escape?
  Presumably, she is just being rebellious. Or she knows/thinks they are going to do something to Claire and/or the baby, and Alex is being altruistic.
 _ Is Aaron really sick?
  Well, if he is, he gets better.
 _ Why is Eko cutting down trees? Is it related to the trees he was marking in Fire + Water?
  Yes. They are buiding a church. (Dave)
 _ Are the tattered cloths and theatrical make-up proof that the Others make themselves look tattered intentionally?
 _ (From Lostpedia) Why did the Others want to take Claire's baby?
  Even though babies conceived off-Island, like Claire's baby was, survive (and therfore there is nothing unusual about it), I'm sure they just want to sstudy it anyways.
Episode # 2.16 - The Whole Truth
 _ Who is the father of Sun's baby - Jin, or Jae Lee?
  Juliet confirms it is Jin, because Sun would have gotten pregnant on the Island.
 _ If Jin is the father, how is it possible, since he was diagnosed as infertile?
  The Island must have healed him.
 _ Will there be a balloon where Henry Gale says there will?
  Yes. (Lockdown)
Episode #2. 17 - Lockdown
 108. What causes the lockdown?
 109. What causes the black lights to turn on? Is it because the numbers weren't entered in time? Does the black light turn on every time the numbers are entered?
 _ Who made the blast door map?
  We see Kelvin working on it, but we do not know if he was the one that started it.
 130. What is behind the food drop?
  As seen in The New Man in Charge epilogue, there is DHARMA organization in Los Angeles sending food drops.
 110. Is the food drop related to the lockdown (because whoever is behind the food drop doesn't want the people to witness it?)?
 111. What causes the black lights to go off, and the lockdown to end?
 _ If Henry Gale is a dead black man, who is the person they have in the hatch?
  It is Ben Linus, leader of the Others.
 112. (From Lostpedia) Did "Henry" kill the original Henry Gale?
 _ If so, where is the original Henry Gale's body?
  It is buried in the jungle. (Dave)
 113. (From Lostpedia) How was the supply drop initiated without anyone hearing it?
 114. If the supply drop came from a plane, why did no one witness a plane?
 115. (From Lostpedia) Did "Henry" want Locke to see the Blast Door Map?
 _ (From Lostpedia) When "Henry" told Locke that he did not push the button, was he telling the truth?
  He was probably lying, because we have seen that if you do not push the button, a whole lotta crap happens.
 _ (From Lostpedia) Has "Henry" been inside The Swan before he was captured?
  Most likely, since he is the leader of the Others.
 116. (From Lostpedia) Does "Henry" want Locke to stop pushing the button?
 117. (From Lostpedia) Does "Henry" know what the button does? Or what is behind the wall?
 _ (From Lostpedia) Why are supplies still being dropped on the Island after the Purge? (Reference to Season 3)
  DHARMA is sort of a body without a head: it has many satellite operations semming stil working automatically around the world.
Episode #2.18 - Dave
 _ What is Hurley's medication, Clonazepam, for?
  It is a real medication, which is prescribed for anxiety disorder, panic disorder,and sometimes even to prevent siezures.
 118. Why was Libby in the institution?
 119. If Hurley was imagining Dave, was he imaging anything else we have ever seen him witness?
 120. Will Hurley ever find out/remember that Libby was in the institution?
 _ Who is this "him" "Henry" mentions? Is it the same "him" Desmond mentions in adrift? Are either of those the same "him" Beardy mentions in Adrift?
  It's probably Jacob.
 _ Is the entire show in Hurley's imagination, as Dave says it is?
  Probably not.
 _ What does "Henry" mean when he calls The Swan "a joke"?
  We cant' trust anything he says.
 121. Who buried the real Henry Gale?
 122. What does "Henry" mean when he says "Even God can't see the Island"? Does he mean the Island is somehow removed from space or time, or is cloaked in some way?
 _ (From Lostpedia) Was Dave a part of Hurley's imagination on the Island, or was he a manifestation of the Monster?
  We learn later that the Smoke Monster needs a dead body to impersonate. Many sources confirm that "Dave" was mearly a hallucination by Hurley.
Episode #2.19 - S.O.S.
 _ Did the Island really heal Rose?
  She seems to stil be doing okay, even by the end of Season 5!
 123. (From Lostpedia) Why did "Henry" try to place doubt on the button to Locke?
 _ (From Lostpedia) How did the Island heal Locke's paralysis and Rose's cancer?
  Because it can.
Episode #2.20 - Two for the Road
 _ Who is the blonde woman Christian Shepard is shouting at?
  It is Lindsey, Claire's aunt.
 _ Who is Christian Shepard's daughter? Does Jack know about her?
  It is Claire. And apparently not.
 _ What does it mean when "Henry" calls Locke "one of the good ones" (implying that Ana-Lucia is not)?
  Because he has faith in the Island?
 124. Why will "Him" kill "Henry" for failing at his mission to retrieve Locke?
 125. Was it really "Henry"'s mission to retrieve Locke? Therefore, was "Henry" getting caught in the net on purpose?
 _ Is Michael's description of the Other's camp (22 Others, living in tents, guarding another Hatch) accurate? If so, does it mean these Others are the same as the ones that dress up in tatters in Maternity Leave?
  We see the camp as Michael describes it in Three Minutes. The we find out it is a dummy camp (or at least the door is) in Live Together, Die Alone.
 _ Why did Michael shoot Ana-Lucia?
  As part of a bargain to see his son.
 _ Why did Michael shoot Libby? Was it for the same reason he shot Ana, or was it an accident?
  It was an accident.
 _ Why does Michael free "Henry," and then shoot himself?
  Freeing Henry is part of the deal to se his son, and shooting himself was to make it look like he was shot while Henry was escaping.
Episode #2.21 - ?
 155. Is Richard Malkin really a fraud, like he says in this episode? What about his readings about Claire's baby in Raised by Another?
 156. What is the nature of Charlotte Malkin's resurrection?
 157. How does Charlotte know about Yemi, and about Eko not really being a priest? Is she psychic like (or unlike) her father? Was she really "between worlds"?
 158. What does Ana (in the dream) mean that Eko "needs to help John"?
 _ Is the giant question mark in the soil the same question mark on the blast map?
 159. How did the question mark get made in the soil?
 160. Has someone been in The Pearl recently?
 _ Why does Dr. Candle now call himself Dr. Wickmund? Is it the same person?
  It is Dr. Pierre Chang in all of the videos, who uses various pseudonyms, for some reason.
 161. Was the Pearl video made before the Swan video?
  They both have a copyright date of 1980, so at least they were probably made in the same year. Or made previous to 1980, but were copyrighted in 1980. (Especially since Dr. Chang lost his hand in 1977 but appears to have a functioning hand in this video.)
 _ Is "Tunde" Eko's (and Yemi's) last name?
Episode #2.22 - Three Minutes
 162. Why do the Others take a blood sample from Michael?
  A paternity test?
 _ What does Mrs. Klugh mean by "Has Walt appeared in places he wasn't supposed to be?"
  It appears the the Others know about Walt's ability to appear in places, either by teleportation or projection, or something else entirely. BUT HOW DO THEY KNOW ABOUT HIM?
 163. When Mrs. Klugh tells Michael that he doesn't seem to know a lot about Walt, is she intentionally echoing the lawyers from the custody battle? Does she somehow know the details of the trial?
 164. What sort of tests are the Others making Walt take?
 _ What does Walt mean when he says that the Others are "not who they say they are - they're pretending?"
  Walt most likely is referring to the fact that their tattered clothing and beards are a disguise, as revealed later in this episode.
 _ What is "the room" Mrs. Klugh threatens to send Walt back to?
  Probably Room 23, where brainwashing (and other testing and/or modifications?) happen.
 165. How do the Others know Sawyer's real name?
 166. What is the vaccine Claire takes? Is it the same vaccine we have seen before?
 _ Why did Vincent bring the Virgin Mary statue to Charlie?
  Probably because it has his scent on it.
 _ What's with the sailboat off shore?
  It is Desmond, returning from the Island after not being able to find other land. (Live Together, Die Alone)
 167. What is the nature of the vaccines we see various people taking, or giving to other people? Are they the same substance each time?
Episode #2.23 - Live Together, Die Alone
 168. Why was Desmond in a military prison?
  All we know it was for "failing to follow order."
 169. When was Desmond in the military?
 170. How did Libby's husband die? (More specific than "got sick"?)
 _ Is the "him" that Kelvin refers to the same as the one Desmond refers to in Adrift?
  Probably -- they are both refering to the replacement button pusher.
 171. What does Kelvin mean that he left the army because men "followed his orders"?
 _ How did Kelvin join the DHARMA Initiative in the real world?
  He says he was recruited, after answering an ad in a magazine.
 172. Why was Kelvin deceiving Desmond about the quarantine outside of the hatch?
 _ Did the Oceanic 415 crash because Desmond was late putting the numbers in when we was fighting with Kelvin?
 _ If Desmond knows the quarantine is a lie, why does he ask Locke how many people have gotten sick (in Adrift)?
  It's possibly he still thinks there is a chance of getting sick, and he has escaped getting sick by using the injections.
 _ Why is Desmond not able to escape the Island on his sailboat?
  Jacob has set it up that you cannot leave the Island via boat, unless you know the specific compass bearing.
 _ Are "the Hostiles" and "the Others" the same?
  Yes. As of January 2008, we are prety sure there is only one group of non-Losties on the Island.
 _ What is the deal with the large bird in this episode? (See Exodus, Part I)
  They are large due to genetic experimentation by the Other.
 _ What is the deal with the giant, four-toed statue?
  It belonged to a statue (now destroyed except the foot) of Tawerwet, the Egyptian goddess of protection, birth and fertility, built by ancient Egyptians on the Island.
  It is the remains of a giant statue of Tarewet, an Egyptian goddess. It was somehow demolished before 1974.
 173. What is the deal with the capsule dump? Did something used to be there, or was The Pearl designed to be useless? Does this mean the actions of the Pearl (along with or independently from the Swan) are just a test? If so, why would the capsules be dumped in the middle of nowhere, where they could be found?
 _ What is the "Pala Ferry"?
  The Pala Ferry is a ferry system created on the Island by the DHARMA Initiative for the transport of its workers to and from various other location, such as the Hydra.
 174. Does the Swan explode because they failed to enter the numbers, or because they triggered the fail-safe?
  Both. They triggered the fail-safe just in time. If they had waited any longer, something far worst would have happened.
 _ What is the purple light? A result of not putting in the numbers or a result of the fail-safe?
  It is the discharge of a build-up of electromagnetic energy, triggered by the fail-safe.
 _ What is the fate of Mr. Eko?
  He is alive, and found later in a cave.
 _ What is the fate of Locke?
 _ What is the fate of Desmond?
  Alive, and naked next time we see him, in the jungle.(Further Instructions)
 175. What does Henry mean by the fact that they "got more than they bargained for when Walt joined them"?
 _ What is at bearing 325? How does it allow Michael and Walt to escape the Island - or does it?
  It does get them off of the Island. They eventually make it back to New York.
 _ What does Henry mean by "We're the good guys, Michael?"
  Henry (Ben) is in a war with Widmore. Ben believes the existence of the Island is good for the planet (somehow), and Widmore would only exploit it.
 176. Where is this location the Two Porteguese are in?
 177. If it is the discharge they are detecting (either the fail-safe or the lack of button-pressing), then how?
 178. If Penny is the one that hired them, what is SHE looking for? How does she know anything about an electrical discharge, the Island, etc.?
  It is clear Penny is using these means to look for Desmond, but it looks as if she doesn't know anything about an Island. So how does she know to connect an electromagnetic anomaly to Desmond, a former soldier on a boat race?
 179. Who is S.R. (on the Pearl logs)?
 _ (From Lostpedia) Are Michael and Walt rescued?
  Yes - We find out they get back to the real world in Meet Kevin Johnson
 _ (From Lostpedia) Did Penny really find the Island?
  Yes - she manages to get her boat close enough to the Island after this event.
 _ (From Lostpedia) Did the Hurley bird really say Hurley's name?
  It probably just sounds like it.
 180. (From Lostpedia) What did Desmond really do those few weeks he was gone? Was he on the sailboat the whole time?
 181. (From Lostpedia) In Pilot, Part 1, the pilot of the plane tells Jack and Kate that had lost radio contact and flew for 1000 miles (about 2 hours) before the crash. If the system failure at the Swan station caused the plane to crash, what happened that made the plane lose radio contact two hours before the crash?
Episode #3.01 - A Tale of Two Cities
 _ Why is Juliet upset?
  Because Ben won't let her return home to see her sister. (One of Us)
 182. What sort of list does Ben want the Others to make?
 _ Why does Ben say "So I guess I'm out of the book club"?
  From Lostpedia: "He was apparently kicked out of the club by Juliet after the altercation in his kitchen regarding Ben and Rachel's cancer." (References episode "One of Us" [3.16])
 _ How did this model village come to be on the Island?
  DHARMA probably built it.
 _ How long have the Others been on the Island (they have modern accoutrements like CD's)?
  We know this group of Others goes as far back as the Purge, and some of them have the ability to go off and on the Island at will, and communicate off-Island as well.
 183. What is Ben planning in the next two weeks that are so very unpleasant?
 _ What is the purpose of The Hydra station?
  During the time DHARMA was involved, it was to do zoological experiments in water-based animals.
 _ What is the origin of the water bottle with the Unidentified Line Logo on it?
  It is porobably the standard DHARMA Logo (it's not a line, it's the word "DHARMA" in a small font).
 _ What does the yellow button that is "for emergencies" actually for?
  It activates a pumping system to flush water from the station .
 _ Why is Karl in the cage?
  He was put there by Ben to keep him away from Alex (specifically, to prevent him from getting her pregnant).
 _ If, as Juliet hints, the current Others are not DHARMA, then who are they? And what happened to the people that built the Stations?
  DHARMA was purged (murdered) by Ben and the Hostiles, who are the "original" inhabitants of the Island (pre-DHARMA).
 _ How do the Others know so much about Jack - and where did they get that big file on him from?
  Jack was one of the Candidates. Jacob had marked them prior to them coming to the Island, and the Others had been monitoring them ever since.
 184. What, if anything, does Jack hear on the intercom?
  Here is a transcript: http://lostwhispering.blogspot.com/2006/10/jack-using-intercom.html
Episode #3.02 - The Glass Ballerina
 _ Will Jin ever find out about Sun's affair?
  Yes. Juliet reveals it to Jin in Season 4.
 _ Why do they want Kate to break up rocks? What are they clearing the area for?
  A runway. From Lostpedia: "According to the Official Lost Podcast of March 19, 2009, Jacob ordered the runway to be built. It seems highly probable that Jacob was expecting the arrival of Flight 316."
 _ Has Ben really lived on the Island his whole life? What about the other Others?
  Ben was born in Portland, Oregon. He came to the Island as a boy. (The Man Behind the Curtain) We are unsure about the rest of the Others.
Episode #3.03 - Further Instructions
 185. What brought Locke to the commune?
 _ What is the origin of/who is the skeleton (with the Pearl logo on its clothes) in the cave?
  It is Roger, Ben's father, who was killed by Ben in the purge while they were transporting goods (like ber) around the Island.
 186. What happened to Desmond's clothes?
 187. (From Lostpedia) Who are the skeletons in the polar bear cave?
 188. (From Lostpedia) Where did the toy truck come from?
 189. (From Lostpedia) Is the cave part of the system of tunnels marked on the Blast Door Map?
 190. (From Lostpedia) How did Locke and Eko escape the Hatch implosion?
 191. (From Lostpedia) Why did Locke go temporarily mute?
 192. (From Lostpedia) What happened to Desmond's clothes after the implosion?
 193. (From Lostpedia) When did Locke live in San Francisco?
Episode #3.04 - Every Man for Himself
 194. Is Clementine really Sawyer's daughter?
 _ Where is the sub back from?
  Possibly from the Main Island
 195. Where is the sub docked? At Pala Ferry?
 _ Why is Juliet, a fertility doctor, on the Island?
  She is studying the phenomena that women who become pregnant on the Island invariably die.
 _ Did Desmond know that lightning was going to strike?
  In Flashes Before Your Eyes, Desmond admits to having pyschic flashes of Charlie dying.
Episode #3.05 - The Cost of Living
 _ If the Island can heal, how did Ben develop a tumor?
  The Island seems to be able to choose who it does and doesn't heal.
 197. What is the significance of the traditional Viking funeral for Colleen?
 _ Can we trust what Juliet said on the cue cards?
  As of Season 4, I would say yes.
 _ What causes Eko's shelter to catch fire?
  From Lostpedia: "It was never revealed how this fire started, although a vision of Yemi appeared before Eko in the tent holding a lit Zippo lighter." Therefore - the Smoke Monster did it.
 199. Are the visions of the people Eko has killed hallucinations, manifestations of the Monster, or something else?
 _ Who is the man with the eyepatch?
  In Enter 77, we learn he is Mikhail and he at first pretends to be the last surviving member of the DHARMA Initiative, but then admits to being with the Hostiles.
 200. Does the glass eye found in The Other 48 Days belong to this man with the eyepatch?
  From Lostpedia: "It was later revealed that Mikhail's right eye was completely scarred over, which presumably precluded him from having use for a glass eye." Therefore:
 201. Where is the room the man with the eyepatch is in?
 202. To whom does the glass eye belong, and why was it abandoned?
 _ Is the vision of Yemi that says "You speak to me as if I were your brother" a manifestation of the Smoke Monster? Is it the same as all other visions of Yemi we have seen?
  From Lostpedia: "It was confirmed that Yemi is a manifestation of the Monster on the island."
 204. (From Lostpedia) Did Eko mean when he said they were all next?
 205. (From Lostpedia) What happened to Yemi's body?
Episode #3.06 - I Do
 206. What is Kevin Callis' "Tampa Job"?
 207. How did Kevin and Kate meet?
 208. When Juliet says to Picket that "our schedule has been moved up two weeks," to what is she referring?
 _ Who helps Jack escape from his cell - the female voice on the intercom? Is it Juliet?
  No - it's Alex.
 _ (From Lostpedia) Why does Alex try and help Sawyer and Kate escape the Others?
  So that she can ask them to help her rescue her boyfriend Karl.
 _ (From Lostpedia) What is Jacob's list? Who is on the list?
  A list of possible recruits from the survivors to the Others.
 _ (From Lostpedia) Who is Jacob?
  From Lostpedia: "Jacob was the ageless protector of the Island for more than 2,000 years."
 _ (From Lostpedia) Why wasn't Jack on the list?
  Because he, as well as some of the other survivos, are "flawed."
 209. (From Lostpedia) Did Ben purposely unlock Jack's cell so he can see Kate and Sawyer have sex, and want to do the surgery?
Episode #3.07 - Not in Portland
 _ What is the substance Juliet is injecting into her sister Rachel? Is it related to the other vaccines we have seen?
  Probably not, because Juliet has not yet been involved with the Other.
 _ What is the nature of Mittelos Bioscience?
  It is a front - a fake company being run by the Others to recruit new Others.
 _ Is Edmund being hit by the bus an accident, or are the Others somehow behind it?
  From Lostpedia: "In an interview, Nestor Carbonell revealed that Richard was responsible for the death of Edmund by having the bus run him over. [Source Needed.]" So - maybe?
 _ Has the Ethan in this flashback been on the Island yet?
  Yes - he was raised on the Island.
 _ Is the facility Ethan and Dr. Alpert want to take Juliet to on the Island?
 _ Who is Alex's dad?
  She is referring to her adoptive father, Ben.
 _ What are they doing to Karl in Room 23?
  Brainwashing him.
 _ Is this the same room Mrs. Klugh threatens to send Walt to in Three Minutes?
  Almost certainly.
 210. (From Lostpedia) What did Ethan do in the building immediately before Juliet met him for the first time?
 211. (From Lostpedia) Where are all the people in surgical gear (medical team) that were preparing to assist Ethan with Claire's c-section at the Staff when it came time for Ben's operation?
Episode #3.08 - Flashes Before Your Eyes
 _ How did Desmond's "lucid flashback" come about?
  This seems to just be a special ability Desmond has, given to him when the fail-safe key was turned.
 212. Did Desmond originally have the encounter with Charlie on the street?
 213. Who or what is Ms. Hawking? How does she know these things?
  I think she is just a psychic lady.
 214. What does Ms. Hawking mean by "if you don't [turn the fail safe key], every single one of us is dead"?
 215. Are those the same black and white stones found on Adam and Eve in Desmond's apartment?
 216. (From Lostpedia) Why was Desmond naked when he woke up?
 217. (From Lostpedia) What happened in "the real world" between the time Desmond was hit in the bar (against the "fate" of the pasts presumed actual event) and the discharge being reported to Penelope?
 218. (From Lostpedia) Is Desmond's past changed by his time travel?
 219. (From Lostpedia) How were Locke and Eko's experiences during the implosion similar to or different from Desmond's?
 220. (From Lostpedia) Why was pushing the button "the only great thing" Desmond would ever do?
 221. (From Lostpedia) What "butterfly effects" will occur as a result of the changes Desmond made? He talked to Charlie, so Charlie should remember that now, and he took the hit from Jimmy Lennon, sparing the bartender.
 222. (From Lostpedia) How does Ms. Hawking know what Desmond does in his future?
 _ (From Lostpedia) If Ms. Hawking is right and the universe "self corrects" and nothing Desmond does can change it, why does she insist that Desmond must not marry Penny?
  Because if he doesn't marry Penny, than later he will have to prove his worthiness to her by entering the sailing race, and then end up on the Island, and becomes the next button-pusher. If he does marry Penny at this point in time, he will never get on the Island.
Episode #3.09 - Stranger in a Strange Land
 _ Why is Jack beaten up for his tattoos?
  Because he broke the rules of an outsider getting a tattoo.
  Something about the tattoos only supposed to be for locals, not for outsiders.
 223. What consequences (other than being beaten up?) will there be for Jack's tattoos?
 224. What is with the bird call that Tom stops and listens to?
 225. What is Cindy's path from Flight Attendant to being with the Others?
 _ Who are the children (Zack and Emma)? Are they children of Others, or were they on the plane?
  They are children from the plane.
 226. What exactly are the children there to watch?
 227. What is the meaning if the symbol Juliet is marked with?
 228. Why exactly did they mark Juliet with the branding?
 229. What does Jack think his tattoo means? (He denies the literal translation.)
 230. (From Lostpedia) Achara only creates part of Jack's eventual tattoo. What does the other part mean?
 231. (From Lostpedia) When Isabel says what his tattoo means, is she translating the entire tattoo or just the part which Achara marked him with?
 232. (From Lostpedia) Emma asks Jack about Ana-Lucia, presuming he'd know. How much information, if any, are the Others telling to the people they kidnapped?
Episode #3.10 - Tricia Tanaka is Dead
 _ How did Roger the skeleton die?
  His son, Ben, killed him in The Purge. (The Man Behind the Curtain)
 _ What is the origin of Roger the skeleton (who was he before he died)?
  Roger was Ben's father, who came to the Island to work with the DHARMA Initiative when Ben was a child.
 266. What is on the road map?
 267. (From Lostpedia) What happened to David Reyes in the 17-year hiatus?
Episode #3.11 - Enter 77
 268. Is there something at Heading 305, or are they just making up the connection between that heading and Eko's stick?
 269. Does it matter where they start from to reach Heading 305?
 270. Could Mikhail's compound be the source of the horse Kate saw in What Kate Did?
 _ What is "The Purge"?
  The Purge is when the Hostiles (pre-DHARMA inhabitants of the Island) killed all members of the DHARMA Initiative, save Ben.(The Man Behind the Curtain)
 271. If Mikhail is the last surviving member of DHARMA, then who are the Others? Are they the Hostiles to which Mikhail refers?
 272. What is on the Russian document?
 273. Is Mikhail really the last surviving member of DHARMA, or is he one of the Others?
 _ Where does Mikhail get his supplies (food, etc.) from? Is there a second drop?
  In this episode, the hidden video clip of Marvin Candle mentions instructions on ordering a palette drop. If this is the same palette drop we have seen before, or another Flame-central one, we do not know.
 274. Why does Mrs. Klugh order Mikhail to shoot her?
 275. What is the relationship between Mrs. Klugh and Mikhail?
 276. (From Lostpedia) Did the Flame have a way to defend itself against the Monster?
 277. (From Lostpedia) Was the Flame the only means of communicating with the outside world?
 278. (From Lostpedia) Why did Mikhail try to turn the gun on himself and later tell Sayid to shoot him?
 279. (From Lostpedia) Why did the DHARMA Initiative deem it necessary to destroy the Flame in the event of an incursion by the the Hostiles?
 280. (From Lostpedia) Why did the DHARMA Initiative deem it necessary to hide important manual override functions behind a virtual game of chess, which could only be accessed after beating the game, and which could take much time to do so?
 281. (From Lostpedia) Was the Flame computer capable of anything besides communication?
 282. (From Lostpedia) Did entering 7-7 into the computer trigger anything besides the explosion?
 283. (From Lostpedia) Was Sayid's confession to Amira real?
 284. (From Lostpedia) Where did the cows and horse outside the Flame come from - and what happened to them when the C4 blew up?
 285. What is the nature of the Hostiles, who, according to Mikhail, have been on the Island longer than the DHARMA Initiative?
 286. How many people on the Island are pre-DHARMA Hostiles, and how many are new transplants, like Juliet?
Episode #3.12 - Par Avion
 287. Will Claire's mother ever wake up?
 288. Will the note tied to the seagull ever be found?
 289. Why does the submarine need a beacon to guide it to the Island?
 _ Who is this "great man" to which Mikhail refers to, that is not Ben?
  It is most likely Jacob.
 290. How does the sonar fence work?
 291. Can you run through the fences very quickly and survive?
 292. Why does Mikhail say "Thank you" as he is being killed by the fence?
 _ How did Jack become such good friends with the Others, so that he could play football with them?
  Jack and the Others have made a deal. Jack will perform the operation, and then they will send him home.
 293. (From Lostpedia) What is the list that Mikhail refers to, and who is on it?
 294. (From Lostpedia) How had Rousseau never come across the fence in her 16 years on the Island?
 295. (From Lostpedia) Did Claire ever learn Christian Shephard's name?
Episode #3.13 - The Man from Tallahassee
 296. How did Peter Talbot die? Did Locke kill him?
 297. Where DOES the electricity come from?
 _ What the hell is this magic box?
  In The Brig, Ben says it is a metaphor, and that the whole Island is the "magic box."
 298. How did Anthony Cooper get on the Island?
 299. Is the golden Pontiac involved in all of these cases?
 300. (From Lostpedia) Did Locke really blow up the submarine?
 301. (From Lostpedia) Is the submarine truly the only way of getting off the Island?
 302. (From Lostpedia) Can the yacht or the Elizabeth leave the Island?
 303. (From Lostpedia) Did Locke ever tell the detectives about his father's con and the murders?
 304. (From Lostpedia)Why didn't he tell Peter Talbot the truth about Cooper and the kidney transplant in the first place?
 305. (From Lostpedia) Who among the Others would have crewed the submarine and left the Island?
 306. (From Lostpedia) Why was Locke wet when he returned from destroying the submarine?
Episode #3.14 - Expose
 307. (From Lostpedia) Why didn't Nikki or Paulo tell anyone about the plane or the Pearl the first time they saw them?
 308. (From Lostpedia) Did Paulo ever communicate with the Others via the walkie-talkie?
 309. (From Lostpedia) Why did Paulo wait 16 days after finding the diamonds before trying to hide them?
Episode #3.15 - Left Behind
 310. Is Cassidy really pregnant with Sawyer's child?
 311. Where are the Others, donned with heavy gear, going when they gas Kate?
 312. What were the flashes of light coming from the Monster? Was it photographing Kate/Juliet? How come we have not seen the Monster exhibit this behavior before?
 313. Why does the Monster go after Kate and Juliet a second time?
 _ Why did the Others leave Juliet behind?
  It was on purpose, so she coul dinfiltrate the Losties. (One of Us)
 314. (From Lostpedia) Why does Locke seem to have a black eye?
 315. (From Lostpedia) How did Juliet know it was going to be rain in terms of minutes when no clouds can be seen at night?
 316. (From Lostpedia) Where did Juliet learn to fight?
 317. How did Juliet's shoulder get dislocated three times before?
 318. Why didn't the black smoke monster enter the barracks area after Kate and Juliet form above the sonic barrier wall as Kate, Sayid and Locke did n Par Avion?
Episode #3.16 - One of Us
 319. What is the nature of Herarat Aviation? Is it a real airline? Is it maintained by DHARMA?
 320. Why did Juliet have to take the tranquilizer? Was it to hide the location of the Island from her, or was it for other reasons?
 321. Why would the tranquilizer cause Juliet to be hoarse for a few days?
 322. How long was Juliet out?
 323. Why is "the last lag [of the journey to the Island] always a little bumpy"?
 324. Why does being pregnant on the Island make you die?
 325. Is Juliet's theory correct - that you only die if you become pregnant on the Island?
 326. Why won't Ben let Juliet take a woman to Miami?
 327. Why did they lie to Juliet about how long they would be on the Island?
 328. Who is this Jacob Ben mentions? Is he someone higher-up than Ben?
 329. What is the implant the Others put in Juliet? Does it cause false symptoms, or are the symptoms Juliet shows real?
 330. Is there meaning behind the symbol carved into tree?
 331. Which side is Juliet really on?
  Juliet is working for Ben, but only to a limit. She really does not want to hurt anyone, and wants to get off of the Island.
 332. (From Lostpedia) What is the nature of Claire's implant?
 333. (From Lostpedia) How is Claire's implant controlled?
 334. (From Lostpedia) Does anyone else on the Island have an implant?
 335. (From Lostpedia) How would Jacob be able to cure Rachel's cancer?
 336. (From Lostpedia) How much does Rachel know about Juliet's situation?
 337. (From Lostpedia) When and why did the problem of the pregnancy on the Island begin?
 338. (From Lostpedia) How is the pregnancy problem related to the CT sequence of a human womb from Not in Portland?
 339. (From Lostpedia) Are the Island's healing properties related to the early termination of on-inland pregnancies?
 340. (From Lostpedia) What was the incident in Basra involving Sayid that Juliet refers to?
 341. (From Lostpedia) Why did Ben want to keep Juliet on the Island?
 _ (From Lostpedia) What was Juliet's relationship with Goodwin? Did she ever find out about his death?
  Juliet was having an affair with Goodwin (he was married) and she does know he is dead - Ben showed her the body.
Episode #3.17 - Catch-22
 _ Who is the parachutist?
  Her name is Naomi, and she claims to have bent sent by Penny.
 342. What is the relationship between Brother Campbell and Mrs. Hawking?
 343. Does Brother Campbell have similar "powers" as Mrs. Hawking?
 344. Is the Mrs. Hawking in the photo on Brother Campbell's desk of a real person, and the Mrs. Hawking Desmond met only an illusion, vision, or physical representation of something lese using the image of Mrs. Hawking as a costume?
 345. Why does Desmond think him reuniting with Penny is contingent upon Charlie's death by the arrow to the neck? Is it?
  Charlie does die (but not from an arrow to the neck), and Desmond is reunited with Juliet, but I am not sure if there is a direct link.
 346. (From Lostpedia) Was Naomi alone in the helicopter?
 347. (From Lostpedia) Why did the helicopter crash?
 _ (From Lostpedia) Why was the satellite phone broken?
  Presumably, it got damaged when it fell out of the helicopter. Or else the battery has just worn down.
 348. (From Lostpedia) What is the relationship between the monastary and Charles Widmore?
 349. (From Lostpedia) What would Desmond have done originally if the flashes hadn't given him so specific a mission?
 350. (From Lostpedia) If Charlie was supposed to die why did he appear in Desmond's vision holding the parachute while Desmond was not seen at all?
 351. (From Lostpedia) Would Charlie's death or survival have effected who was found hanging from the line?
Episode #3.18 - D.O.C.
 352. Why do men on the Island have 5 times the normal sperm count?
 353. What sort of "sample" is Juliet collecting from women on the Island?
 354. Why does Naomi speak so many languages?
 355. Why is Mikhail running in the jungle? Was he running toward the parachute intentionally?
 _ Why is Mikhail still alive? Did he truly die the first time? Has he come back to life?
  In The Man Behind the Curtain, he says that the pylons were not set to lethal. But is he telling the truth?
 _ Will Naomi's punctured lung really heal in a day?
  She appears to get better, but then she is killed by Locke.
 356. Did "they" (the media, rescue workers) really find the plane in a trench in the ocean filled with the dead bodies of the passengers?
  Yes. It is a hoax, put there by Charles Widmore.
 357. Apparently, the plane that was found in the ocean was on the opposite side of the continent of Australia (Bali) than its path to LA would have taken it. Why is this?
 358. Is Naomi's ability to speak Porteguese related to the Two Porteguese men Live Together, Die Alone?
 359. (From Lostpedia) Who was Naomi referring to when she said (in Porteguese) "I am not alone"?
 360. (From Lostpedia) Could women who conceive on the Island survive by terminating their pregnancies?
 _ (From Lostpedia) Is Kate pregnant?
  We have seen Kate get off of the Island, and a few years in the future she does not have a (natural) child.
 361. (From Lostpedia) Why is the room in the staff hidden?
 362. (From Lostpedia) What was Mikhail running from or towards?
 363. (From Lostpedia) What equipment was Mr. Paik providing to the Hanso Foundation?
Episode #3.19 - The Brig
 364. What does Ben mean with "You [Locke] brought him [Anthony Cooper] here?"
 365. What are the ruins Anthony Cooper is chained to?
 366. What does Cindy mean when she says the Others are "excited you're [Locke] here. They've been waiting for you"?
 367. What does Richard mean when he says the fertility issues are only "novelties," and what are the more important reasons they are there?
 368. Is Cooper's story true - that he was rear-ended, ended up in an ambulance, and then appeared on the Island?
 369. Was Cooper told to tell Sawyer or Locke that they are in Hell (as he implies)?
 370. Why is Sayid digging in the jungle?
 371. Why is the satellite phone more sophisticated than anything Sayid, an electronics expert, has ever seen?
 _ What is it Jack and Juliet have to reveal to Kate?
  In The Man Behind the Curtain, Juliet reveals they know that the Others are planning an attack and to abduct the pregnant women, and that Juliet and Jack have a plan.
 372. (From Lostpedia) What were Richard Alpert's motives in his talk with Locke?
 373. (From Lostpedia) Who built the column that Anthony Cooper was tied to, and what is its significance?
 374. (From Lostpedia) What caused the instruments on Naomi's helicopter to malfunction?
 375. (From Lostpedia) Were the Others responsible for bringing Anthony Cooper to the Island?
 376. What is the history of the "old place," and is it related to the four-toed statue?
Episode #3.20 - The Man Behind the Curtain
 377. Who are "the natives/hostiles"?
 378. What is meant by Natives? Did they evolve on the Island, or were they merely there earlier than DHARMA?
 379. Why was Ben born premature?
 380. Why did Ben's mother die when he was born?
 381. In Ben's flashback, why does Richard Alpert appear to be the same age as he is in the current day?
 382. Why did the Hostiles kill everyone in DHARMA?
 383. Do all of the Others know about Jacob, or just a select few?
 384. What is the line of grey powder Locke and Ben step over on the way to Jacob's?
 385. Who says "Help me"?
 386. Is Ben just pretending to see/hear someone?
 387. What causes the cabin to shake?
 388. What causes the fire to go out?
 389. How is Ben thrown across the room? Is he pretending?
 390. If indeed there is a Jacob, and he said "Help me" to Locke, did Ben actually hear it and was pretending he didn't?
 391. Who or what does Locke see, when there appears to be a man momentarily in Jacob's chair?
 392. Has Ben ever heard or seen Jacob?
 393. Why does the mass grave not look like 16 years have passed?
 394. In school, why does the teacher say a volcanic reaction would be created with a combination of baking soda and water?
 395. (From Lostpedia) Who chose Ben's birthday as the day to kill everyone from the DHARMA initiative?
 396. (From Lostpedia) Who decided to initiate the Purge?
 397. (From Lostpedia) What was the shaking during the incursion by the Hostiles when Ben was in class?
 398. (From Lostpedia) Who were the other people to join the Hostiles after the Purge?
 399. (From Lostpedia) Who are the Hostiles?
 400. How many of the current-day Others are from the Hostiles that participated in the Purge, and how many are recruits (like Juliet)?
 401. (From Lostpedia) Did Alvar Hanso know the Island was already inhabited when he sent the DHARMA Initiative to work there?
 402. (From Lostpedia) Where did the gas and gas masks come from?
 403. (From Lostpedia) Do the Hostiles have ties to the outside world prior to the Purge?
 404. (From Lostpedia) Who or what is Jacob?
 405. (From Lostpedia) What is the liquid substance contained in the jars in Jacob's house?
 406. (From Lostpedia)Why couldn't Ben hear what Jacob said to Locke?
 407. (From Lostpedia) Why does technology appear to enrage Jacob?
 408. Why did Jacob get enraged? Was it because of technology? Was it because Ben and Locke arrived unsummoned?
 409. (From Lostpedia) How does Jacob contact/summon Ben?
 410. (From Lostpedia) Why does Jacob need help?
 411. (From Lostpedia) What was the manifestation of Ben's dead mother?
 412. (From Lostpedia) Did Ben volunteer to kill his father?
 413. (From Lostpedia) At what point did Ben become the leader of the Others/Hostiles?
 414. (From Lostpedia) Is Ben actually able to talk to Jacob?
 415. (From Lostpedia) what happened to Annie? Did she die in the Purge?
 416. (From Lostpedia) How old is Richard?
 417. (From Lostpedia) Was Richard born on the Island?
 418. (From Lostpedia) Why is Richard subordinate to Ben?
 419. (From Lostpedia) Why have the backers of the DHARMA Initiative continued to make supply drops on the Island?
 420. (From Lostpedia) Why was the beer that Roger was delivering to the Pearl marked with the Swan logo?
 421. (From Lostpedia) Why was the Sonic Barrier set at a lower level, allowing Mikhail to survive when thrown in the fence's range?
 422. What is the nature of Jacob?
 423. What is the bigger picture regarding Jacob, the Island, the Hostiles and the rest of the world?
Episode #3.21 - Greatest Hits
 424. Why is Nadia in London?
 425. How does Desmond know that Charlie has to drown in order for Claire and Aaron to get rescued?
 426. (From Lostpedia) Why does Juliet know that the Looking Glass station was for jamming the radio communications?
Episode #3.22 - Through the Looking Glass
 427. Is Walt on the Island?
 428. Did Locke have a vision of Walt, or was what appeared to be Walt really something else?
 429. Why does Walt appear to be older?
 430. Who was the musician that programmed the jamming code?
 _ Who has died (the obituary that Jack reads, the unattended funeral)?
  Locke, using the alias Jeremy Bentha,
 431. Why does Jack think his father is still alive?
 432. Who is the "he" Kate says will be wondering where she is?
 433. Why does Jack think they never should have left the Island - especially if everything seems to be okay in the real world?
 434. Did Mikhail die in the explosion?
 _ Will the Losties get off of the Island due to Naomi's help and her boat?
  Yes (well, 6 of them), even though rescuing them was not actually the mission.
  A couple of weeks after Naomi first gets to the Island, six of the Losties (Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sun, Sayid and Aaron) get off the Island via a helicopter, and are rescued in the middle of the Ocean by Penny.
 435. (From Lostpedia) How and when did Jack and Kate get off the Island?
 436. (From Lostpedia) Why is Kate wearing such nice makeup and nice clothes at the airport in the flashforward, when all the flashbacks had her dressing fairly plainly?
 437. (From Lostpedia) Why had Kate insisted that Jack not contact her?
 438. (From Lostpedia) Why did Kate and Jack meet at such a bizarre location -- just outside a fence at the end of a runway?
 439. (From Lostpedia) Why didn't anyone attend the funeral except Jack?
 _ (From Lostpedia) Who else was able to get off the Island?
  Hurley, Sayid, Sun and Aaron.
 _ (From Lostpedia) Is Kate still a fugitive?
  A court awards her 10 years probation as long as she does not leave California.
 _ (From Lostpedia) What is Jack "sick of lying" about?
  The fact that there are still survivors on the Island somewhere, that they left behind.
 _ (From Lostpedia) Did Penny hire Naomi?
  No. Naomi is lying.
 _ (From Lostpedia) Is Naomi dead?
 440. (From Lostpedia) What is the Temple, and why are the Others going there?
 441. (From Lostpedia) What was Bonnie and Greta's supposed assignment in Canada?
 442. (From Lostpedia) What are the "forces stronger than anything the Island has faced in many, many years" that Ben warned Mikhail about?
 443. (From Lostpedia) What happened to Mikhail after the grenade detonation?
 444. (From Lostpedia) Why did Danielle tell Sayid that the Others controlled the radio tower when it was, in fact, abandoned?
 445. (From Lostpedia) What was the power source for the radio tower?
 446. (From Lostpedia) How long were Bonnie and Greta inside the station before Charlie arrived?
 447. (From Lostpedia) Was Juliet telling the truth about the Others building a runway?
Episode #4.01 - The Beginning of the End
 448.If Hurley is believed to be dead, what actualy has happened to his money?
 _ Who is Naomi's sister?
  She was actually speaking in code.
 449. Has Jacob's cabin appeared in a different place on the Island?
 450. Why does Hurley hear the whispers?
 451. Who's eye does Hurley see in the cabin?
 452. Did Hurley cross the river of ash to get to the cabin?
 453. Why does the cabin dissapear?
 _ Who are the Oceanic 6?
  Jack, Kate, Aaron, Hurley, Sun and Sayid.
 454. Does Jack recognize Hurley's car on TV?
 _ Why does Hurley deny knowing Ana Lucia to the cop?
  Because according to their story, no one survived the plane crashed except the 6 (and three others).
 455. What is the meaning of "THEY NEED YOU" written on Charlie's hand?
 456. Who is Matthew Abaddon? Is he really a lawyer for Oceanic?
 457. Where does Matthew Abaddon want to take Hurley?
 _ What does Matthew Abaddon mean by "Are they still alive?" To whom is he referring?
  Everyone else that they left behind on the Island.
 458. How does Lewis also see Charlie?
 459. Is Charlie a ghost, a hallucination, or other?
 _ What does Charlie mean by "You know they need you"? To whom is he referring?
  All the people they left behind on the Island.
 460. (From Lostpedia) How much time has elapsed since Hurley left the Island?
 461. (From Lostpedia) How can Charlie be both dead but "also here"?
Episode #4.02 - Confirmed Dead
 462. Who (what company or organization) is operating the ROVs that discover the Dummy Plane?
 _ How can Oceanic 815 be sunken off the coast of Bali when it crashed on the Island?
  The plane sunken off the coast is a dummy plance, put there by Charles Widmore.
 463. Why does the discovery of (the dummy) Oceanic 815 cause Faraday to cry?
 464. Who is Faraday's caretaker? Why does he need one?
 465. What is Miles' Ghostbuster Device?
 466. Can Miles actually communicate with the dead?
 467. Why is there a skeleton of a polar bear in the middle of the Tunisian desert?
 468. Why does the polar bear skeleton have a DHARMA collar?
 469. If Frank was orignially supposed to be the pilot of Oceanic 815, why was he not eventually the actual pilot?
 470. Why is Abaddon insistent that there were no survivors of Oceanic 815?
 _ If the people on the freighter intend to kill everyone in the Island, then why?
  That is what they were hired by Charles Widmore to do.
 _ If saving the Losties is not the Freighties primary objective, what is?
  To bring back Ben and kill everyone else.
 471. What is the origin of the bull Lapidus sees on the Island?
 472. How many people are on the Freighter? What are their positions?
 473. Why did Ben leave the Island (when he was photographed in an office)?
 474. How often did Ben leave the Island?
 475. (From Lostpedia) What is the nature of Miles' abilities?
 476. (From Lostpedia) Why is Charlotte unconvinced that Flight 815 has been discovered?
 477. (From Lostpedia) How old were the polar bear remains in Tunisia?
 478. (From Lostpedia) Did Charlotte know what she was looking for when she was digging around the polar bear's skeleton?
 479. (From Lostpedia) Why did Naomi believe there would be survivors of Oceanic 815 on the Island?
 480. (From Lostpedia) Why were Daniel, Miles, Charlotte, and Naomi selected for the operation?
 481. (From Lostpedia) Why doesn't the sunlight scatter quite right on the Island (as Faraday says)?
 482. (From Lostpedia) When and where was the photo of Ben taken?
 483. (From Lostpedia) Why did Naomi claim to be looking for Desmond?
Episode #4.03 - The Economist
 484. Who is "R.G." (the inscription inside Naomi's bracelet)?
 _ Who is Ben's man on the freighter?
 485. Why does Frank want Faraday to hang up the phone if Minkowski answers?
 486. Why is there a 31 minutes, 8 second discrepancy between the rocket clock and Faraday's clock?
 487. Why must the chopper fly on the bearing of 305 to get on/off the Island?
 488. Who is Mr. Avellino (the man on the golf course)?
 489. Why does Sayid kill Mr. Avellino?
 490. Why does Mr. Avellino not recognize Sayid, but is distressed when he finds out Sayid is one of the Oceanic 6?
 491. Who is the economist Elsa works for?
 492. (From Lostpedia) Why doesn't Charlotte tell the other members of her team about Ben's spy on their boat?
 493. (From Lostpedia) Why is Jacob's cabin not where Locke expects it to be?
 494. (From Lostpedia) Why does Ben have a hidden room containing a collection of different currencies, clothing, and passports?
Episode #4.04 - Eggtown
 495. What is the significance of the book VALIS?
 496. Why did Miles ask for 3.2 million dollars?
 488. Why is Charlotte testing Faraday's memory?
 497. Why is Faraday having memory trouble?
 498. When they call the freighter, why has the helicopter not arrived, even though it left the Island the night before?
 499. Why does Kate have Aaron in the future, and is posing as his mom?
 500. Why would Jack not want to see Aaron?
 501. How old is Aaron here?
 502. How long has it been since they left the Island?
Episode #4.05 - The Constant
 503. Is Desmond's time-tripping a result of the helicopter going off its bearing?
 504. Is the purpleness of Faraday's ray similar to whatever caused the sky to turn purple when the Hatch blew up?
 505. How does Penny know about the freighter (which she has been trying to call)?
 506. The Black Rock crashed on the Island, how does someone in the real world (the Sotheby's auction) have the First Mate's journal?
 507. (From Lostpedia) What is contained within the ledger of the Black Rock's first officer?
 508. (From Lostpedia) What is the nature of the time differential between the Island and the outside world?
 509. (From Lostpedia) How does Minkowski know Desmond's name, and that Penny is his girlfriend?
Episode #4.06 - The Other Woman
 510. Who is the blindfolded man in the video tape of Charles Widmore?
 511. (From Lostpedia) Whom does Harper think Juliet looks like?
 512. (From Lostpedia) What is the cause of Goodwin's chemical burn?
 513. (From Lostpedia) Why does Goodwin lie about his injury?
 514. (From Lostpedia) What is Charles Widmore's true interest in the Island?
 515. (From Lostpedia) How does Ben know about his interest?
 516. (From Lostpedia) Why does Penny know about his research?
 517. (From Lostpedia) Who shot the video of Charles Widmore?
 518. (From Lostpedia) How is Harper in contact with Ben?
 519. (From Lostpedia) How does Ben know where Charlotte and Ben were heading?
 520. (From Lostpedia) How does Charlotte know the history of the Island and the Purge?
 521. (From Lostpedia) Who made Daniel's map?
 522. (From Lostpedia) How is Harper able to suddenly appear and disappear into the jungle?
Episode #4.07 - Ji Yeon
 523. Why is Regina's book upside down?
 524. What causes Regina to commit suicide?
 _ How did Michael get on the freighter?
  Once he made it back to New York, Tom found him and hired him, and the Others created his false identity and arranged for him to be hired on the boat.
 525. (From Lostpedia) Who's blood is on the wall of Desmond and Sayid's new room?
 526. (From Lostpedia) Why does Ray have a wound on his cheek?
 527. (From Lostpedia) Why does Gault believe Ben had anything to do with the staging of the fake Flight 815 crash?
 528. (From Lostpedia) Why is Hurley glad to hear no one else would be coming to visit Sun and the baby?
Episode #4.08 - Meet Kevin Johnson
 529. Why is Michael having (presumably guilt-induced) visions of Libby, but not Ana-Lucia?
 530. How can Tom be in the real world in the future, if he was killed on the Island?
 531. What is Tom's relationship woth Arturo?
 532. What is in Michael's crate on the freighter?
 533. Did Libby really appear on the freighter?
 534. If the Others didn't ask for Ana-Lucia's death (as Ben says), then why did Michael kill her?
 535. What do the freighter people (a.k.a. Charles Widmore) want with Ben?
 536. Why does Charles Widmore want to kill everyone on the Island, including Others and Flight 815 survivors?
 _ Who killed Alex and Karl? Why?
  They were killed by Keamuy and his team.
 _ How did Michael get back to New York?
  He and Walt took the Others' boat to a small island where they sold it for money which they used to take a cargo ferry back to America.
 537. (From Lostpedia) How is Tom able to come and go from the Island?
 538. (From Lostpedia) Why does Tom say that only "some" of the Others can come and go to the Island?
 539. (From Lostpedia) Who are the "innocent people" among the freighter's crew that Ben intends to spare?
 540. (From Lostpedia) Why is the Temple only for the Others?
 541. (From Lostpedia) Why does Ben permit Danielle and Karl to escort Alex to the Temple?
Episode #4.09 - The Shape of Things to Come
 _ How did the freighter doctor die?
  The next day, his throat is slit by Keamy, and then the body is dumped overboard.
 542. What is causing Jack's sickness?
 543. Does Alex know she is not Ben's natural daughter?
 544. What are "the rules" Keamy (or Widmore) has changed?
 545. What is in the secret room Ben goes into?
 546. Why is Ben covered in black soot after he emerges from the secret room?
 547. Did Ben call the Smoke Monster to attack Keamy's team?
 _ How did Ben get to the Sahara?
  He turned the Frozen Donkey Wheel which made the Island disappear. The Island causes people who move it to leave the Island; presumably, it transported him there.
 _ How did Ben's right arm get wounded?
  He bumpedit while climbing down into the Frozen Donkey Wheel cavern.
 548. Under what circumstances has Ben been to the Tunisian hotel before?
 549. Why does Ben not know what year it is? Why does he (correctly) assume it is 2005?
 550. Has Ben traveled back in time?
 551. Why did Charles Widmore have Sayid's wife killed?
 552. Is Ben's story about getting off the Island (taking the Elizabeth to Fiji) true?
 553. Why is Widmore so sure Ben, who is very crafty, will never find Penny?
 554. Widmore says he wants "his" Island "back". Did Widmore once own (or otherwise "have") the Island?
 555. (From Lostpedia) What is the relationship between Ben and Widmore?
 556. (From Lostpedia) Does Widmore have Nadia killed?
Episode #4.10 - Something Nice Back Home
 557. If the Island heals, why does Jack get sick?
 558. How did Miles know that Karl and Danielle were buried, AND how did he know their names?
 _ Where did Claire go?
  To Jacob's cabin, with Christian.
 559. Why did Claire leave Aaron behind?
 560. Why didn't Miles try to stop Claire from leaving the campsite in the middle of the night?
 561. Why/how does Jack see Christian in hospital (twice)?
 562. Why does Hurley think Jack is not supposed to raise Aaron? Or, if it truly is a message from Charlie, how does Charlie know?
 563. What was Kate doing for Sawyer?
 564. (From Lostpedia) Why doesn't Kate want Jack to know what she is doing for Sawyer?
 565. (From Lostpedia) Why does Jack change his mind about Aaron?
 566. (From Lostpedia) What is meant by "You're not supposed to raise him"?
 567. (From Lostpedia) Why does Christian appear to Claire?
 568. (From Lostpedia) Why, as Rose points out, do some seem to be cured on the Island, while some get sick?
Episode #4.11 - Cabin Fever
 569. How can Richard Alpert appear in the 1950's looking the same age as he does in the present day?
 570. Why is Richard Alpert visiting baby Lock, and then little-kid Locke?
 571. Is there significance to all of Richard Alpert's objects?
 572. What does Richard Alpert mean by "Which of these things belong to you already?"
 573. What is in the container of granules? Is it related to the river of ash Ben and Locks had to step over to get to Jacob's cabin?
 574. Which object was Richard Alpert hoping Locke would choose?
 575. Why does Matthew Abbadon suggest Locke go on the walkabout?
 576. Is the cabin Horace is building in the jungle in Locke's dream Jacob's cabin?
 577. How can Christian Shepherd speak on behalf of Jacob?
 578. What is Claire's part in the cabin?
 579. Is Claire drugged or hypnotized in Jacob's cabin?
 580. How can they move the Island?
 581. How would moving the Island protect it?
 582. Are they moving the Island somewhe... or somewhen?
 583. What is the Secondary Protocol?
 584. Why, when Richard is disappointed in Locke's choice when Locke is a child, does he try to get Locke again when Locke is in high school?
 585. (From Lostpedia) How does Richard Alpert get to the mainland?
 586. (From Lostpedia) How does Richard Alpert know about Locke's existence and his whereabouts?
 587. (From Lostpedia) Why does Richard think Locke was special?
 588. (From Lostpedia) Why is Richard disappointed in Locke's choice (of the knife)?
 589. (From Lostpedia) Why do they want to recruit Locke for Mittelos Bioscience Science Camp?
 590. (From Lostpedia) Why is Abaddon interested in Locke?
 591. (From Lostpedia) What happened during Abaddon's walkabout?
 592 (From Lostpedia) Where is Jacob, and why are Christian and Claire in his cabin?
 593. (From Lostpedia) Why is Claire so calm and nonchalant?
 594. (From Lostpedia) Why does Christian ask Locke not to tell anyone that he saw Claire in the cabin with him?
 595. (From Lostpedia) Who was the Others' leader before Ben?
 596. (From Lostpedia) Why is Horace cutting down the same tree over and over again?
 597. (From Lostpedia) How does the helicopter get to the Island so quickly when Ray's body arrived before he had been killed?
 598. (From Lostpedia) What causes the time fluctuations that allowed for Ray's body to wash ashore before he was killed on the freighter?
Episode #4.12 - There's No Place Like Home, Part 1
 599. How are the crackers from the tin still fresh after 15 years?
 600. Who did Ben signal with the mirror?
 601. What did Ben say in the signal with the mirror to the man at the Orchid?
 602. What is causing the RF interference around the Island?
 _ Why does Sayid say there are "absolutely not" any other survivors?
  Because he and the 6 have agreed to keep it a secret.
 603. How did Nadia get to Hawaii to greet Sayid?
 604. What are Sun's plans for the future of Paik Industries?
 605. (From Lostpedia) Why are the Others wearing their rustic garb?
 606. (From Lostpedia) How does Daniel know the details of the Secondary Protocol?
 607. (From Lostpedia) Does the time dilation affect Sayid and Daniel during trips between the freighter and the Island? If so, how?
 608. (From Lostpedia) Why are Charlie, Boon and Libby named as the other three survivors?
  Presumably since they are really dead, and there is no chance of one of them turning up in the real world to refute their story.
Episode #4.13 - There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3
 609. Was Charlotte born on the Island?
 610. Why has Charlotte been looking for the place where she was born?
 611. Has Charlotte been trying to get to the Island?
 612. Has Charlotte been on the Island before?
 613. What did Sawyer whisper in Kate's ear?
 614. Why is the video scientist now calling himself Edgar Halliwax?
 615. Why does Halliwax's arm work in this video?
 616. What is the deal with "negatively charged exotic matter"?
 617. Why does the VCR rewind itself?
 618. Why/how does Christian Shepherd appear to Michael on the freighter?
 619. Why does Christian Shepherd say "You can go now" only a moment before the freighter blows up? Does it mean he can die?
 620. Why is it so cold in the compartment behind the vault?
 621. What is the deal with the heiroglyphs on the rock wall?
 622. How does turning the wheel cause the Island to move?
 623. Does the rabbit really go forward in time100 milliseconds?
 624. Is the purple light when the Island moves the same as the purple light when the Swan blew up?
 625. What happens to Daniel Faraday and the other people in the Zodiac when the Island disappears?
 626. Where (when?) did the Island go?
 627. How did Penny happen to be in the right place at the right time, in the middle of the Ocean, to rescue the Oceanic 6?
 628. What happens with the second, smaller Island? Does it go with the Island?
 629. Why is Locke now going by the name Jeremy Bentham?
 630. Why do the characters refer to him as Jeremy Bentham, and not as Locke?
 631. What events led to Locke getting off the Island, and dying?
 632. Why is there someone parked outside Hurley's mental institution?
 633. Are Hurley and Sayid being monitered inside Hurley's room?
 634. Where does Sayid take Hurley?
 635. Is Hurley really playing chess with Eko, or is he just crazy?
 636. What are Sun's plans with Widmore?
 637. Sun says the 6 aren't the only ones that got off the Island. To whom else is she referring? Anyone besides Ben and Desmond?
 638. Why does Widmore pretend to not recognize Sun?
 639. When did Jack and Kate talk to Locke off-Island?
 640. What "very bad things happened" on the Island after Jack left?
 641. Why does Lock say the "very bad things" were Jack's fault?
 642. Why do all of them need to be together to return to the Island, including Locke's corpse?
 643. Who are "all of them"? The 6 plus Ben plus Locke's corpse - anyone else? Desmond? Frank? Walt?
 644. If the person that moves the Island can never return, why does Ben now (in the funeral parlor) say they can return?
 645. (From Lostpedia) Why does Miles decide to stay on the Island?
 646. (From Lostpedia) Why can't the person who moves the Island ever return?
 647. (From Lostpedia) How is moving the Island dangerous?
 648. (From Lostpedia) What has happened to the people on the freighter - those that may not have died in the explosion?
 649. (From Lostpedia) Why did Jack open Locke's coffin?
 650. (From Lostpedia) Why is Ben helping the Oceanic 6 return to the Island?
 650. (From Lostpedia) Why do the Oceanic 6 need to return to the Island?
 651. (From Lostpedia) Was Locke able to walk once he returned from the Island?
 652. (From Lostpedia) How does Locke die?
Questions 653 - 925 are on the Characters page
Episode #5.01 - Because You Left
 926. Was Dr. Chang's baby born on the Island? Was it conceived on the Island? If so, how?
 _ How did Faraday get back in time to this time period?
  Due to the time skipping.
 _ What year is it in this scene (Faraday bumping into Dr. Chang in the Orchid construction site)?
 927. When skipping in time, is Locke in the same timeframe(s) that Faraday, Sawyer, et. al., are in?
 928. Why is Desmond able to see and hear the time-skip flash, while others like Ethan and Richard do not?
 _ Who is the "unknown client" that hired the lawer Dan Norton, who is trying to get a blood sample of Aaron's?
 _ Who is Faraday's mother?
  Mrs. Hawking
 929. (From Lostpedia) Who built the frozen wheel and how did it end up buried behind a wall of rock?
 930. (From Lostpedia) Why does Daniel feel that the rules of time not apply to Desmond?
Episode #5.02 - The Lie
 931. Why is Charlotte's memory failing?
 932. Why does Daniel not find it odd that Charlotte's memory is failing?
 _ What year is it in this storyline (Bernard trying to make a fire, Frogurt gets shot with a flaming arrow, etc)?
 _ Who is attacking the Losties (and killed Frogurt)? Dharma? Others? Other others?
  By the timeframe, we have to assume it's Richard's group that later is known as the Hostiles.
 933. Will Hurley refuse to help Sayid one day, as he threatenes to do?
 934. When Ana-Lucia visits Hurley in the cop car, is it a hallucination or a visitation from a ghost?
 935. How does Ben know Jill (at the butcher shop), Gabriel and Jeffrey?
 936. Why would it be so bad if Ben can't get all of the Oceanic 6 members back on the Island (as said by Mrs. Hawking)?
 _ If Daniel told Desmond to find his mother during a time skip in 2004, why does he not remember it until one day in 2007?
  -Probably because the day Desmond remembers it is the same day in Faraday's life, if Faraday had not been time skipping.
 937. (From Lostpedia) Who are Gabriel and Jeffrey and what is their connection to Ben?
 938. (From Lostpedia) What is in the bag Ben retrieves from the hotel vent?
 939. (From Lostpedia) What is Ben's relationship with Ms. Hawking?
 940. (From Lostpedia) What does Locke's body need to be protected from?
Episode #5.03 - Jughead
 941. What is the process that Richard says is used to choose their leader?
 942. Does Charles Widmore know that his son-in-law (Desmond) spent three years on the Island?
 943. (From Lostpedia) How did the U.S. Army find the Island?
 944. (From Lostpedia) Why canÕt Desmond remember what year it was he visited Daniel Faraday?
 945. (From Lostpedia) Who else visited Daniel FaradayÕs office before Desmond?
Episode #5.04 - The Little Prince
 946. Does Faraday imply that he thinks Miles has been on the Island before? Does he know something about Miles that he isn't letting on?
 947. How did the Ajira Airlines water bottle end up on the Island?
 948. When Juliet et. al. are canoeing, who is shooting at them?
 949. When Juliet et. al. find the disheveled Losties' camp site, how far in the future are they?
 950. Who hired the hitman (dressed as a nurse) to tranquilize Sayid?
 951. If Carole Littleton is NOT the one who hired Lawyer Dan Norton, why did Dan Norton drive to the same hotel Carole is staying at?
 952. Why does Ben, out in the real world, want Aaron?
 953. (From Lostpedia) Who ransacked the beach camp?
 954. (From Lostpedia) Who was Sayid's assailant at the hospital and why did he have Kate's address? How did he know Sayid was there?
Episode #5.05 - This Place is Death
 955. Why did the Monster kill Nadine and Montand?
 956. What happens to Lacombe, Brennan and Robert after they enter the Cerberus Vent? Is this how they get infected with the mysterious disease?
 957. What are the meaning of the heiroglyphics written on the temple?
 958. How did Charlottle know about the well?
 959. What is the translation of the heiroglyphics inside the wheel cave?
 960. (From Lostpedia) Why was the French science team so well armed?
 961. (From Lostpedia) How does Robert know that the Monster is "protecting the temple"?
 962. (From Lostpedia) Why is the Monster "protecting the temple"?
 963. (From Lostpedia) What has Ben done to keep the Oceanic Six safe?
 964. (From Lostpedia) Who has he been keeping them safe from?
 965. (From Lostpedia) Why was Locke chosen to move the Island?
 966. (From Lostpedia) What was Ben's motivation for taking John's place?
 967. (From Lostpedia) Why is Christian Shephard unable or unwilling to help Locke walk?
 968. (From Lostpedia) How was Christian in that time period?
Episode #5.06 - 316
 _What is this “promise to an old friend of mine” Ben ben goes to do?
  He is going to try to kill Penny (as payback to Widmore). (Dead is Dead)
 _ How does Ben get beaten up?
  By Desmond. (Dead is Dead)
 _ How did the federal marshall (Ilana) get Sayid in custody?
  We see these events transpire in He's Our You.
 969. Why is Hurley carrying a guitar case? What is in the guitar case?
 970. Is it Charlie's guitar case?
 _ How did Hurley know about the flight?
  Jacob visits him when he is released from jail and tells Hurley he has to be on the flight. (The Incident)
 971.How is Lapidus the Captain of Flight 316? Is it just a coincidence?
 972. Why are they transported to the Island via a flash of white light?
 _ What happened to the non-Oceanic 6 that were on the plane (including Ben)?
  All who are transported via the brightlight end up in 1977. The rest of the passengers crash in the Island (most survive) in the current date.
 973. (From Lostpedia) What is Eloise Hawking's connection to the Lamp Post station?
 974. (From Lostpedia) How did the U.S. Army Island photo come to be posted at the Lamp Post?
 975. (From Lostpedia) Who is the man who predicted the Island's movements?
 976. (From Lostpedia) How is it possible to predict the Island's movements if it has been moved manually?
 977. (From Lostpedia) What does the Island still want with Desmond?
 978. (From Lostpedia) Why do those returning to the Island need to recreate the circumstances of their first arrival?
 979. (From Lostpedia) How did Jack, Hurley and Kate get from the plane to the Island?
 980. (From Lostpedia) Are Hurley, Jack and Kate (etc) in the present time, or a different time?
  They are in 1974. (LaFleur)
Episode #5.07 - The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham
 981. Are Walt’s dreams of Locke in a suit on the Island, surrounded by people who wanted to hurt him, a prognostication?
  This could be the description of the final scenes of Season 5.
 982. Why does Ben kill Locke? To prevent Locke from meeting with Eloise Hawking?
 983. Why is Locke alive again?
 984. Why does the Exit from the Island (consistently) exit into a spot in the desert?
  Some theorize that this is the antipodes of the Island. But... (see next question).
 985. Why does the Exit not move, even if the Island does?
 986. How did Rousseau's and Daniel's maps of the Island end up at the Hydra station?
 987. (From Lostpedia) Who wrote the heiroglyphs on Daniel's map, and why?
 988. (From Lostpedia) What is the war that Widmore says is coming?
 989. (From Lostpedia) How does Charles Widmore know what is going to happen in the future of the Island?
 990. (From Lostpedia) What makes Locke so "special" that he needs to be on the island?
Episode #5.08 - LaFleur
 991. Are we sure that the giant statue seen (from behind) in this episode is the rest of the Four-Toed Statue?
  At this point in time, there is no other mention or evidence of any other statues of this magnitude on the Island.
 992. What is it a statue of? What does it look like from the front?
  We finally see it clearly in The Incident. It is the Egyptian god Tarawet.
 993. Who built this statue? And for what purpose?
 994. Why do they stop travelling through time in 1974?
 995. Who is the baby born in this episode?
  It is Ethan Rom.
 996. How do Hurley, Jack and Kate meet up with Jin?
 997. (From Lostpedia) What is the nature of the Truce between the DHARMA Initiative and the Others?
 998. (From Lostpedia) Why are women unable to carry a child to term later in the Island’s history?
 999. (From Lostpedia) How did Richard bypass the sonar fence?
 1000. (From Lostpedia) Why do the Others want Paul’s corpse?
Episode #5.09 - Namaste
 1001. Where are all of the other Losties – Rose and Bernard, etc.? Are they also in 1977?
  We see Rose and Bernard - in 1977 - in The Incident.
 1002. Why are Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid the only people who were transported to 1977? Why did all of the Other Ajira passengers (including Ben and Sun) stay in 2007?
 1003. (From Lostpedia) Why are the Numbers heard in the 316 cockpit?
 1004. (From Lostpedia) What is the journey that Christian tells Sun she has ahead of her?
Larger questions raised:
 1005. Are the Losties an original part of the Island’s history? If Jack had found the 1977 New Recruits photo in Season 1, would he have seen himself in the photo? Or is history changing to now include them in the late 1970’s?
Episode #5.10 - He's Our You
 1006. Is there a connection between the DHARMA member Oldham and the Oldham Pharmaceuticals building in Russia?
 1007. (From Lostpedia) What authority did Ilana have to take Sayid on a flight in handcuffs?
 1008. (From Lostpedia) What danger did Widmore’s associates pose?
Episode #5.11 - Whatever Happened, Happened
 1009. As Hurley asks – does, did, or will adult Ben remember that the same person that tortured him in the 2000’s (Sayid) was the same person that shot him as a child?
  In Dead is Dead, Ben seems surprised when he sees the photo of Jack etc. in the 1977 New Recruits photo. That says to me our Ben does not remember (yet?).
 1010. How does 1977 Richard know who (child) Ben Linus is?
 1011. When Richard brings child Ben to the Temple – is this before or after child Ben met Richard in the jungle for the first time?
 1012. What is the hole in the ground in front of the Temple?
 1013. (From Lostpedia) What is Richard‘s place in the hierarchy of The Others?
 1014. (From Lostpedia) What is it at or about the Temple that is capable of healing Ben?
 1015. (From Lostpedia) Why would this process cause Ben to lose his memory and innocence?
Episode #5.12 - Dead is Dead
 1016. Why did Ben steal baby Alex from Rousseau?
 1017. Why does finding out Roussea has a baby make Ben change his mind about killing her, when he ended up taking her baby anyway? Couldn’t he have just killed Rousseau and also taken the baby?
 1018. What is the correct answer to the question ‘What lies in the shadow of the statue?’ ?”
  "Ille qui nos omnes servabit" (Latin for "He who shall protect/save us all") The Incident
 1019. What is the apparition of Alex to Ben in the Temple? Is it the Monster?
 1020. (From Lostpedia) How did Ethan become a member of the Others?
 1021. (From Lostpedia) Where did Locke go when he left the Barracks?
 1022. (From Lostpedia) What is the significance of the carving beneath the Temple?
 1023. (From Lostpedia) What is the significance of Ilana‘s question?
Episode #5.13 - Some Like it Hoth
 1024. What team IS Bram on?
 1025. Why and how did Miles and his Mother get off the Island? (She says it’s because his father – Dr. Chang – kicked them out.)
 1025. What sort of “improvements” was Hurley planning on making to The Empire Strikes Back?
 1026. Where has Daniel Faraday been this whole time? How long (and how often?) has he been off-Island? What was he doing off-Island?
 1027. (From Lostpedia) How do Bram and his friends they know about the Island?
 1028. (From Lostpedia) What "teams" are Bram refering to?
  Ben's and Widmore's?
 1029. (From Lostpedia) Why did Chang want Alvarez' corpse brought to the Orchid?
 1030. (From Lostpedia) Who killed Felix and took the documents he carried, about the faked Oceanic 815 crash?
Episode #5.14 - The Variable
 1031. How did Faraday see a photo of the Dharma New Recruits 1977 in Ann Arbor?
 1032. If Eloise Hawking knew she would kill Daniel in 1977, why did she make him go there? (Or did she not know, if his being there was an altered timeline?)
 _ (From Lostpedia) What is the nature of the falling-out between Eloise Hawking and Charles Widmore?
  Widmore had a relationship with another woman, off-Island (and fathering Penny in the process).
 1033. (From Lostpedia) How and when did Eloise leave the Island?
 1034. (From Lostpedia) How did Daniel learn the historical details about the Swan?
 1035. (From Lostpedia) What does Faraday mean when he says that Jack doesn’t belong there?
Episode #5.15 - Follow the Leader
 _ Why does Locke want to kill Jacob?
  Because it's not actually Locke! It's Jacob's rival.
 1036. (From Lostpedia) Why are some of the Others at the Temple?
 1037. (From Lostpedia) In what manner did Richard watch the survivors in 1977 die?
Episode #5.16 - The Incident
 1038. Is the ship Jacob sees The Black Rock?
 1039. Who is “Jacob’s enemy”?
 1040. Did Jacob bring the ship there, as his Enemy implies?
 1041. Why does the Enemy need a loophole to kill Jacob?
 1042. Why is Jacob visiting all of the Losties at various stages in their life?
 1043. How is Jacob visiting them? Is he time travelling?
 1044. Did Jacob’s actions (meeting Sayid) directly or indirectly lead Nadiya to be hit by the car?
 1045. Was Jacob intentionally letting Nadiya get killed? Was he also intentionally saving Sayid's life?
 1046. When Jacob touches Locke after he falls from the building, does he bring Locke back to life?
 1047. Why does Jacob touch each Losite, but not Ilana? And why does he visit Ilana?
 1048. Why is Ilana bandaged and in a hospital bed in Russia?
 1049. Why are some some of the Losites visited before they go to the Island (i.e. as children) and other visited afterwards?
 1050. Why do we see Juliet as a child, but we don’t see Jacob?
 1051. Why does Jacob leave the guitar case with Hurley?
 1052. Rose and Bernard have been living in the jungle for three years. What about everyone else?
 1053. How do Ilana and Bram know where to find Jacob’s cabin?
 1054. Who is the someone else that has been using Jacob’s cabin?
 1055. Who is the “he” in “He who will protect/save us all”? Is it Jacob? Or Jacob’s Enemy?
 1056. Why is Jacob’s Enemy appearing as Locke a “loophole”?
 1057. (From Lostpedia) What are Jacob’s Enemy plans for the other Ajira passengers?
 1058. (From Lostpedia) How can he take on the form of someone else?
 1059. (From Lostpedia) How did he know Locke would be dead and crash on the island, and that Ben had killed him?
 1060. (From Lostpedia) Why is Jacob bringing specific people to the Island?
 1061. (From Lostpedia) How does Jacob choose these people?
 1062. (From Lostpedia) How does he bring them to the Island?
 1063. (From Lostpedia) What is Jacob trying to prove his enemy wrong about?
 1064. (From Lostpedia) Why did Jacob visit each person at these particular moments in their lives?
 1065. (From Lostpedia) How does he possess foreknowledge of these events?
 1066. (From Lostpedia) How did Jacob visit Hurley in 2008, when he was stabbed by Ben in 2007?
 1067. (From Lostpedia) How does Jacob prevent Richard from aging?
 1068. (From Lostpedia) Why wasn’t Ben allowed to see Jacob?
 1069. (From Lostpedia) Why didn’t Jacob defend himself?
 1070. (From Lostpedia) What is the importance of Jacob’s loom?
 1071. (From Lostpedia) Who broke the circle of ash and when did it happen?
 1072. (From Lostpedia) Why did Ilana order the cabin to be burned?
 1073. (From Lostpedia) How do Ilana and her followers know so much about the Island?
 1074. (From Lostpedia) What is her connection to Jacob?
 1075. (From Lostpedia) For what is Frank a candidate?
 1076. (From Lostpedia) Why is he a candidate?
 1077. (From Lostpedia) Who removed Locke’s body from the casket?
 1078. (From Lostpedia) Who is coming?
 1079. (From Lostpedia) Will the detonation of Jughead change the timeline?
Questions relating to the Alternate Timeline are in this color
Episode #6.01 & 6.02 - LA X, Parts 1 & 2
 1080. Why does Jack’s neck start bleeding?
 1081. Why is Desmond on the plane? If we can assume everyone was in Australia in this universe for the same reasons as they were in the original universe -- Desmond was stuck on the Island in the original timeline. What puts him in Australia in this universe?
 1082. Is the Island under water due to the bomb going off in the last episode?
 1083. Where is Christian’s coffin?
 1084. Why did Jack have his appendix out at two very disparate times in his life in the two timelines?
 1085. (From Lostpedia) Why is the Island underwater?
 1086. (From Lostpedia) Why was Desmond wearing a wedding ring on the plane?
 1087. Why does Jacob’s body seem to have vanished from the fire, or burned away entirely so quickly?
 1088. Why can only those summoned by Jacob go inside the statue?
 1089. Why are Bram and his people (including Ilana) now "free" because Jacob is dead?
 1090. Why is the Smoke Monster apparently not able to cross a line of ash? Is there something special about that ash?
 1091. What history does Richard have with UnLocke? ("It’s good to see you out of those chains.")?
 1092. How did Kate get up in that tree?
 1093. Why are Kate and Miles having hearing problems?
 1094. Dogen seems to be a leader of the Others; where is he in the hierarchy of the Others (involving Beardy, Ben, Richard et. al.)?
 1095. Why is the spring in the temple no longer clear?
 1096. Is what they do to Sayid in the spring normal procedure to heal someone?
 1097. If Sayid was not supposed to drown, what normally happens when you submerge someone in the spring for that long?
 1098. (From Lostpedia) How did Juliet know "it worked"?
 1099. (From Lostpedia) Why do individuals need to be forcibly submerged in the spring for a set period of time?
 1100. (From Lostpedia) Why did it take Sayid so long to revive?
 1101. (From Lostpedia) Where/When is Jacob's Nemesis’ Home?
 1102. (From Lostpedia) Why is Jacob's Nemesis disappointed with the Others?
Larger questions raised:
 1103. Why are there two timelines?
 1104. Is it the result of the nuclear bomb?
 1105. Did the universe split into two time periods at the moment the nuclear bomb went off?
 1106. If so, why do there seem to be discrepancies in the timeline that might precede the bomb going off?
 1107. (From Lostpedia) How does this new timeline differ from the original?
 1108. (From Lostpedia) What are the specific causes of these changes?
Episode #6.03 - What Kate Does
 1109. The woman that was going to adopt Claire’s baby - was she the same family that the psychic said was waiting for her in LA?
 1110. Why does Ethan (Rom) have a different last name (Goodspeed)?
 1111. What was the purpose of Dogen testing and torturing Sayid (with the ash, electric shocks, and red hot poker)?
 1112. How did the “tests” prove Sayid was "infected"?
 1113. Was the pill really poison? Why go to the trouble of Jack giving Sayid a mysterious pill when they could have just killed Sayid any way they wanted?
 1114. (From Lostpedia) How/when/where did the infection/darkness enter Sayid's body?
 1115. (From Lostpedia) Why did Sayid need to voluntarily take the pill, as opposed to just forcing him to take it?
 1116. (From Lostpedia) How did Claire become infected?
Episode #6.04 - The Substitute
 1117. Why did Ilana collect ashes from the fire that burned up Jacob?
 1118. Why is the Man in Black now stuck in Locke’s body?
 1119. Who is the mysterious boy UnLocke sees in the jungle?
 1120. Why is Richard not able to see this boy?
 1121. Why are this boy’s arms covered in blood?
 1122. When the boy is seen again, why are his arms no longer bloody?
 1123. Why is Sawyer also able to see the boy?
 1124. If the Man in Black was once a human man, with human emotions, how did he become an immortal smoke monster?
 1125. When we was a man, who was he, and when? Where does he come from?
 1126. Does 42 (the numbers of candidates on the cave) refer to Jin or Sun?
 1127. Who are all the crossed-out names?
 1128. What do the numbers by each name mean?
 1129. (From Lostpedia) What betrayal did the Man in Black suffer?
 1130. (From Lostpedia) Whom did he lose?
 1131. (From Lostpedia) During what time period did the Man in Black come to the Island?
 1132. (From Lostpedia) Who are all the candidates?
 1133. (From Lostpedia) How are they chosen?
 1134. (From Lostpedia) Why do Jacob's remaining candidates correspond to the Numbers?
 1135. (From Lostpedia) Why was Sawyer able to see the child when Richard was not?
 1136. (From Lostpedia) What is the meaning of his warning to the Man in Black?
 1137. (From Lostpedia) To whom is the child referring when he tells the Man in Black, "You know the rules. You can't kill him"?
Episode #6.05 - The Lighthouse
 1137. Why did Jack have his appendix out at a different (much younger) time in his life in this universe?
 1138. Why does he have to ask his mom about it / not remember it?
 1139. Who is David’s mom ?
 1140. (From Lostpedia) Who built the lighthouse and when was it constructed?
 1141. (From Lostpedia) How is the mirror able to reflect places off-island?
 1142. (From Lostpedia) How are the bearings associated with specific individuals?
 1143. (From Lostpedia) Why is Kate's name crossed out on the cave wall, but not in the lighthouse?
Episode #6.06 - Sundown
 1144. Why is UnLocke unharmed by being stabbed in the chest?
 1145. If so many people think the solution to the Man in Black is to stab him, why did it not work?
 1146. (From Lostpedia) How did Dogen's death enable the Man in Black to enter the Temple?
Episode #6.07 - Dr. Linus
 1147. Why did Ben and his father leave the Island when Ben was a child?
Episode #6.08 - Recon
 1148. (From Lostpedia) How did the remaining passengers of Ajira Flight 316 die?
Episode #6.09 - Ab Aeterno
 1149. If the Black Rock came to the Island in a storm - why do Jacob and the Man in Black observe it (in "The Incident") off the coast on a calm, sunny day? Was that a different ship they were observing?
 1150. Why does the Smoke Monster kill all of the survivors, but lets Richard live?
 1151. When Isabella appears to Richard in the ship – is that the Smoke Monster in disguise?
 1152. What is Ilana's back story – how has she been "preparing for this [being the protector of the Candidates]" her "whole life"?
Episode #6.10 - The Package
 1153. Why are Jin and Sun not yet married at this point in time?
 1154. Why has Kate’s name been crossed off of the wall?
 1155. (From Lostpedia) Why is Sayid unable to feel emotions?
 1156. (From Lostpedia) Why is Zoe interested in electromagnetic survey maps of the Island?
Episode #6.11 - Happily Ever After
 1157. Is Charlie aware of both timelines?
 1158. Does Charlie purposely put his hand on the window to make the "NOT PENNY’S BOAT" flash happen?
 1159. What does Mrs. Hawking (Widmore) mean when she says that Desmond cannot see the list because "he is not ready yet"?
 1160. In this timeline, does Mrs. Hawking (Widmore) have the special knowledge/powers as she does in the other timeline?
 1161. Why does Desmond need the Oceanic 815 flight manifest (i.e. what is the meaning of "to show them something")?
 1162. (From Lostpedia) Why are individuals remembering events from the original timeline?
 1163. (From Lostpedia) Why did Eloise Widmore refer to Desmond's search for Penny as a "violation"?
Episode #6.12 - Everybody Loves Hugo
 1164. Why does Desmond hit Locke with his car?
 _ Was Libby in the mental institution in this universe for the same reason she was in the alt-universe: because she is having flashes of both?
  Most likely not, because she was in the mental institution before she went to the Island, and the alt-unvierse (purgatory) was only created after everyone went to the Island (and started dying).
 1165. Who built the wells?
Episode #6.13 - The Last Recruit
 1166. Why does Sun say "It's him! It's him!" [in Korean] when she sees Locke at the hospital?
 1167. How did Desmond know that Claire and/or Jack would be at the lawyer's office at that time on that day? Or did he have another reason to be there?
 1168. Is the Man in Black responsible for all of Christian's appearances on and off the Island?
 1169. If so, how was he able to appear as both as Christian and Locke simultaneously?
Episode #6.14 - The Candidate
 _ Did Frank survive the sinking of the sub?
 1170. How did the Man in Black know that the sinking of the sub had survivors?
Episode #6.15 - Across the Sea
 1171. What year is it when Claudia crash lands on the island?
 1172. Where is Claudia from?
 1173. How long has the Mother been on the Island?
 1174. Did the other people on the Island come there with Claudia?
 1175. If so, how did they go unnoticed by the boys and their Mother for 13 years?
 1176. What is the Light that is inside the cave?
 1177. Why can the Boy in Black see (the ghost of) Claudia, but Jacob does not?
 1178. How does the Mother make it so that the Man in Black cannot leave the Island?
 1179. How did the Mother make it so that the Man and Black and Jacob cannot hurt each other?
 1180. Why is the Man in Black unable to find the cave with the Light, after searching for it for 30 years?
 1181. Why have none of the Losties ever stumbled upon the cave? Is it still there?
 1182. Has the cave been turned into something else - like the temple or some other location we have seen before?
 1183. What are the other people's ideas about what to do with the Light?
 1184. If the Man in Black has found a way to access the Light by digging a well nowhere near the cave, then how far underneath the cave does the Light reach?
 1185. Does the Light reach beyond the Island?
 1186. When Jacob ask's the Mother what is inside the cave, what is the meaning of her response ("Life, death, rebirth; it's the source, the heart of the Island")?
 1187. What is the full effect of Jacob drinking the wine? Is that what makes him immortal (and/or gives him the power to bestowe immortality)?
 1188. How did the Mother do all that damage to the well and the village?
 1189. What exactly happened when the Man in Black went inside the cave?
 1190. Did he turn into the Smoke Monster, or release it, or something else?
 1191. (From Lostpedia) What is the nature of the Source?
 1192. (From Lostpedia) What is the relationship between the Source and the Smoke Monster?
Episode #6.16 - What They Died For
 1193. Why is Jack's neck bleeding again?
 1194. Why does Desmond beat up Ben? Is it to give him a glimpse of the other universe?
 1195. (From Lostpedia) What isn't Ana Lucia ready for?
 1196. (From Lostpedia) Why did Desmond call Jack and tell him Oceanic Airlines has found Christian's body?
 1197. Why does Jacob first appear (to Hurley, Kate, Sawyer and Jak) as a youth, but then moments later as an adult?
 1198. Why will Jacob be gone for good when the fire dies out?
 1199. Why will Jack be able to find the cave with the Light, now that he has been chosen to protect the Island?
 1200. (From Lostpedia) Where is Desmond?
 1201. (From Lostpedia) Who rescued Desmond from the well?
 1202. (From Lostpedia) What is the equipment Widmore told Zoe to get out of the Outriggers?
 1203. (From Lostpedia) What happened to Richard?
Episode #6.167- The End
 1204. Where was Christian’s coffin?
 1205. Is Mrs. Hawking aware that this reality is not real?
 1206. Why are some of the Losties – but not others – in the church?
 1207. Isn’t Sayid’s soulmate Nadia, not Shannon?
 1208. Why is Penny there, if she has never been to the Island?
 1209. Why is Aaron a baby here?
 1210. How did the sideways universe get created?
 1211. Why does UnLocke have the real Locke’s memories?
 1212. Who are the skeletons in the cave of light?
 1213. Why did Desmond not become smoke monster? or Jack? or the owners of those skeletons?
 1214. How does removing the stone at the BOTTOM of the well make the water flowing INTO it stop?
 1215. Where does the water go (i.e. what is below of that pool of light)?
 1216. Is there continuity significance of the shots of the wreckage during the end credits?